THE JOURNALISTS - Onuoha Fay Claire

“We're gathered here today, to witness the death of these traitors. They came into our country under the guise of interviewing the President ...”

The rest of the General's speech faded into the back of his head as he knelt side by side with Aaron, his best friend. Barely three weeks ago, he'd hosted a party in Aaron's honour to mark ten years of working together. Here they were, far away from home, about to be killed without putting up a fight.

The day after Aaron's party, there'd been a news documentary on the President of North Korea, Kyung, who named David Skylar's TV show his favorite. David had alerted Aaron who in turn, saw it as a stepping stone as Kyung was one hell of a depraved dictator. Getting an interview grant with him will open the doors for them to interview any President of their choice afterwards. They'd requested for an interview and of course, were granted one.

Then came the CIA knocking at their door; Kyung was a horrific dictator that should be 'taken out'. As they were the first to get so close to him, they were perfect for the job. Just a strip on the palm and an 'innocent'  handshake with him and he's dead after twelve hours.

The plan had gone awry; somehow, the strip was discovered before it got to the President. They were detained immediately. The U.S and the CIA had bailed on them.

David turned and whispered to Aaron, “Hey.”

“What?” came the curt reply.

“You think that we're gonna die?”

“Hell yea, dumb ass.”

“Okay. Look, I know I've never said this to you before but I'm saying it now so that you'll know that I mean it. I love you.”

Aaron stared at him for what seemed like forever but was just a fraction of seconds and burst into tears.
“I love you, Man.”

“So there's not going to be a tell-all anyway.”

They both chuckled at that. That moment, the guards came to put their heads on the blocks. They took one last look at each other. If this was what it'll take, then they were willing to be heroes for their country.

Deep in the darkness of his tightly shut eyes, David thought he saw light and then, shooting. There was chaos everywhere when he opened his eyes. He smiled at Aaron. They were going to live afterall.