THE OTHER ROOM - By Ugwu Lawrence Enenche

Adoyi was lying down in his room browsing through his facebook page. He sent friend request to Chinwe, a lady he met in Pamiton University and waited impatiently for when she would come online. He chatted with Paulina, a lady who posted a picture that exposes her cleavages. He told her he loved her and wanted to know her beyond facebook. ‘Tell me little about yourself,’ she chatted. Adoyi thought of what to tell her a moment. He placed his Blackberry on his chest and closed his eyes in a jiffy. ‘I’m a five hundred level student of human anatomy at Pamiton University,’ he replied.

They chatted for a long time and Paulina told him to send her one thousand naira airtime. He went out and bought it for her. He became sad after the chatting ended. ‘Everything about ladies is money. You can’t do a lovely discussion without a financial demand from you,’ he mumbled and hissed. He robbed his hair and stood up from the bed. He walked towards the threshold and suddenly turned back as if was held back by an unseen hand. ‘Kai!’ he regretted and shook his head. ‘What is so special about her that I spent the only money on me on her,’ he hissed.

  He logged in to his facebook account again and checked whether Chinwe had come online but she wasn’t. He wore a white shirt on his black jeans trouser and went out of the room. Locked the door in a hurry, he trotted to Ayeyemi’s house and met two pairs of female shoes on the threshold. The door was locked from inside and he stood there contemplating whether or not to knock.

He knocked softly and called Ayeyemi quietly. He didn’t hear any voice nor sound from the room. He knocked again and called in a louder voice. ‘We would see latter. I would come and meet you in your house about two hours to come,’ Ayeyemi said from inside. Adoyi kept quiet for a moment and looked at the aluminium door. ‘Please open the door. I want to see you just for a minute.’ Ayeyemi reluctantly opened the door and scowled at his friend. He stood at the door, his hands on the doorframes.

‘Please can I get two hundred naira from you?’ Adoyi said.

‘I don’t have money now. The little I have is what I used to entertain the angel on my bed.’

‘I don’t have any cigarette and I’m really hungry for it. I used the money I had for something urgent and until tomorrow before I could get money. My mother would send me money as early as possible tomorrow.’

‘Go home and be patient. When I’m done with my lady, I will check you. I would buy you cigarette then.’

‘Badest guy! I’m waiting for you at home. And give your lady the best of love,’ Adoyi hailed him with his hand above his head.

‘Trust your guy! I always give the best,’ Ayeyemi said with smiles.

Adoyi left for his house singing and rapping with his hands, unmindful of the pedestrians. He was nearly moll down by a motorcyclist who was hooting horn and coming behind with a speed. Adoyi wasn’t hearing the sound because of the earphones on his ear. The motorcyclist slapped his shoulder from behind and sped away. Adoyi rained curses on him and promised to deal with him, even though he doesn’t know him.  

‘My African queen,’ Ayeyemi said to the lady on the bed with her eyes closed as he climbed the bed. He smoothed her hair and planted his lips in hers. ‘I love you, my one and only,’ he whispered to her and kissed her forehead. ‘I love you too,’ the lady said faintly and robbed his hair. Slowly but desperately, his hands wandered feverishly through her hair. Wave of ecstasy rocked his nerves as his two seeking hands stealthily crept to her chest and cupped her boobs. Gently, he squeezed them and a soft moan escaped her mouth. Leaving her chest, his left hand desperately sought the zip of her trouser.

Ayeyemi went to Adoyi’s house at dusk and met him sleeping. ‘My guy,’ he called. Adoyi rolled from one edge of the bed to another and opened his eyes. He pulled himself to sitting position before jerking to his feet. He stared at Ayeyemi. It was not the smile that enjoyed Adoyi’s attention, but the black shirt and a pair of dark goggle Ayeyemi had on his oblong face.

‘How far?’ Adoyi said.

‘Nothing too far,’ Ayeyemi replied.

Ayeyemi sat down and folded his hand in-between his thigh. He looked at his wristwatch and cleaned it with his handkerchief. Adoyi went to urinate. He returned and sat down beside him.

‘Who was that your lady you were with?’

‘Angelina,’ Ayeyemi replied.

‘She loves you.’

‘I love her too. She is the first in my heart.’

‘You told me sometimes ago that Sola is the first in your heart.’

‘That was then, Sola is now second, she doesn’t please me as I desired.’

They discussed about their girlfriends and their wishes to become great in life. Ayeyemi brought out a packet of cigarette from his pocket and they smoked, blowing the smoke stylishly. They continued smoking and drinking alcoholic wine until their eyes became hot and red.

They set out for the campus with big earphones on their ears, dancing with their hands and heads. They saw a lady who wore sexy clothes haggling with a commercial motorcyclist and walked towards her. Ayeyemi pulled out two hundred naira note from his pocket and gave it to the motorcyclist. ‘This is for her bill. Take her to wherever she is going to,’ he told the bike man.

 The lady looked at Ayeyemi and thanked him with broad smiles. ‘You don’t have to thank me young angel,’ he said with a bright smile. The lady climbed the motorcycle and waved at them. ‘Please can you give me your phone number so that I can greet you once more,’ Ayeyemi begged her as the motorcycle was about to move. ‘May be next time, I will give you when we meet again,’ she said and the motorcyclist rode off.

Ayeyemi and Adoyi got to the campus and sat on a mini garden beside the female hostel discussing how beautiful some of the female students were. They gaped at every female student that passed near them and followed her with their eyes. They were caught between lust and desire. Insatiable passion to have every campus queen in their fold was visible in their looks.

‘I saw a lady two days ago around here,’ Ayeyemi said. He imagined her look and shook his head. ‘I’ve never seen such beauty before. She is a queen of beauty in the entire campus. Everything about her defines the best of beauty. I wanted to talk to her but she stood up when she noticed I was coming towards her and went away. I was told she is a micro biology student,’ he continued.

‘Do you have her phone number?’

‘No, but I must get that girl. The guy who told me she is a micro biology student didn’t have her number but promised to get it for me.’

‘I’m looking for a beautiful lady that I can established a genuine relationship with and probably marry her.’

‘Hmm, I wish you build a good relationship but your eyes would see more beautiful ladies than her in no distant time and you will go after them.’

‘It is not the fault of any guy who chase after ladies. The beautiful ones are being born every day and beauty intoxicates more than the hottest strong wine.’

As they were talking, a lady walked across to the next mini garden holding a voluminous book to her chest. They followed her with their eyes until she sat down. Adoyi jerked to his feet and went to meet her. He ambled leisurely and stylishly touching his chin occasionally. The lady cast a glance at him and bent her head opening the book.

He greeted her and she responded with a demeanour that shows her wondering of who Adoyi was. She was beautiful except some black spots of dead pimples made broader by bleaching creams that littered her face. She was tall and skinny with rounded mouth widened with smiles. Her V-neck shirt revealed half of her breast.

‘I’m Adoyi by name, a five hundred level student of veterinary medicine.’

The lady kept quiet looking at the book on her lap as if thinking of what to tell him. Adoyi looked at her, his eyes piercing her breast. He stood fixed, salivating and admiring the chocolate boobs. His erection triggered and the front part of his trouser protruded forward. He put his hands in his pockets in an attempt to make it unnoticed by the svelte damsel.

‘Dear, can I know your name?’

‘Rose is my name. Please, I want to do my assignment, can you excuse me?’

‘I’m aware you are here to study, but please, can I have a minute of your time? I don’t mean to disturb you.’

‘Do you know Joseph in your class?’ Rose asked.

‘Hmm, is as if I know him.’

‘You know him except you want to pretend to me. He is very popular. He is my guy and we love each other. There is no need for any discussion except I want to hurt myself.’

‘I love your straightforwardness. I understand what you are trying to say, but we can still be friends.’

‘We can’t be friends,’ she snubbed.

She walked away and Adoyi returned to the garden shaking his head and hissing. ‘I messed myself up,’ he told Ayeyemi. Ayeyemi asked what the lady told him. He kept quiet thinking and shaking his head. ‘I told her I’m a five hundred level student of veterinary medicine and she said her current guy is also a five hundred level student of the same department.’ He shook his head and smoothed his hair. Ayeyemi smiled and kept quiet. ‘If I knew, I would have told her I’m from faculty of law,’ he lamented and shrugged. Ayeyemi patted his shoulder. ‘Don’t worry, it happens that way sometimes. In every game, man must lose some and win some. Losing is not permanent and so is winning. Forget about her and go for the better. Chinwe is more beautiful than her, go for Chinwe.’

They discussed about how beautiful Chinwe was and her politeness. Adoyi vowed he would be faithful to Chinwe if she gives him room for date. ‘She is the lady of my dream and it would be a destiny fulfilled to have her!’ he enthused. He logged in into his facebook account and luckily, found Chinwe online. ‘Thank God, she is online today,’ he told Ayeyemi delightedly.

He chatted with Chinwe for a long time and pleaded with her to give him her phone number. She gave him and told him not to call her from dusk to dawn. He was elated and it was a good step to wining her love according to him. ‘No matter how tough she is, it would only take good caring, money and pressure for her to give me her love,’ he said.

Ayeyemi stood up and walked towards the entrance of the female hostel. He observed every lady that walked in and out of the hostel lasciviously. He put on his dark goggle and removed it any time he sees a lady of his emotional appeal. He was peeved when a guy walked and held the hand of an alluring lady he was planning to go and discuss with. He stood there for a long time soaked with ardour and piqued.

As he was contemplating of returning to the garden, a lady of average height with a face that radiates beauty walked out of the hostel towards his direction. He stared momentarily at the stoutly built figure that was approaching him. It is not only the heavy bosoms that enjoyed his attention but the sexy-like pair of shining skinny black trouser and a white top that exposed the upper parts of her breasts.

He greeted her but she refused to respond and walked faster. Ayeyemi followed her until she got to a place where there were no much people on the road. He greeted her again and she looked back.

‘What do you want from me,’ she blurted.

‘My dear, please don’t be offended. I don’t mean to hurt you.’

‘I know, what actually do you want?’

‘I want the whole of you, angel.’

‘Why do you want me?’

‘Angel, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’

‘I’m not your angel. Mary is my name. If you want an angel, go to heaven.’

‘I’m very sorry if you are offended. I truly love you, that is why I addressed you that way. Forgive me.’

‘I’m not angry but I preferred to be called by my name. Those who call me angel are the ones that break my heart and hurt me most.’

 ‘Sweetheart, I understand you, but by God’s grace, I will not hurt you.’

‘Whether or not you will hurt me, I’m not interested in any relationship. Please go back,’ she said and walked faster, ignoring him. ‘I want to take my time and watch before saying yes for any relationship again.’

‘I pledged before God whom both of us serves, I will never let you down.’

‘You can’t entice me by your godly attitude. I have dated those who proclaimed to be godly and those who are devilish and all of them are the same. Please go back; I want to be alone for now.’

‘My dear, I know it is painful to be hurt by somebody whom you loved. Please, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.’

She kept quiet walking and looking at the tarred road. Ayeyemi followed her talking in soft voices and promising never to hurt her. She turned and begged him to go back that she would think about what he had said but he continued begging her and asked for her mobile number. She refused to give him and he followed her persuading and promising to be a good beau.

The duo returned home after tireless search for promiscuous ladies. The ate beans and garri Ayeyemi cooked and fell asleep, snoring loudly.

Ugwu Lawrence Enenche is a prolific writer and reputable researcher on African Literature and folklore. He is a celebrated public speaker with a distinguished, ineffable, modest and pro-active personality. He has written many published and unpublished articles, stories, poems and his recent novels are Just After Dawn, A Talking Dream and Gone With Love.  Email:  Facebook: Ugwu Lawrence Enenche. Twitter: Lawrence Enenche