The Sacrifice - By Onuoha Fay Claire

The black, unmarked Toyota Camry crawled to a halt several feet shy from the old abandoned warehouse. A dark cloak fell upon the terrain as the beaming headlights went out.

“You really sure about this?”

“Bro, you said we should check this place out.”

“I know, but this place freaks the shit outta me. Its dark and quiet, and I can make out the outline of an owl perched at the top of the building.’’

“You’re killing me here. Pull yourself together; acquire courage! This is what we do to survive.”

Muttering “acquiring courage” to himself repeatedly, he nodded at her. Understanding the sign, she smiled and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

The doors squeaked open, and they both slipped out. They never bothered to shut the door. At any rate, a quick getaway, in the event that things went south, would be futile if the cops caught them fumbling with the door.

Mo moved first, her voluptuous features slightly hinted in the dark, her hair whipped around in a ponytail. She got under the ‘Do Not Cross’ sign and walked the cobblestones leading to the entrance. Shortly, the small and lean frame of her brother, Dave, joined her.

“Do you have a flashlight on you?” she asked, hoping for an affirmative reply.


Mo rolled her eyes, perhaps, farther than her optic nerve could ever stretch.

“I'll use my phone's torchlight.”

With the light beaming on the door, Dave smashed it open. The unexpected was waiting for them.


“Holy crap! No no no,” Mo kept muttering as they were blinded by lights.

All the “place your hands above your heads” talks faded to the background as she wallowed in self pity. Her heart reached out to her brother's and she sensed the strong aura of fear there.

They'd been caught red handed. She can't let anything happen to him. Her eyes strayed to Dave just in time to catch his expression that said, “please don't try anything stupid.”

That was all she needed. In a flash, she sprinted towards the door but one of the cops was faster; He tased her. With a grunt, she fell flat on her face.

“Please don't arrest my brother, I coerced him into this,” she said to the officer that came to handcuff and pull her up.

As she turned to Dave who had the unbelievable look on his face, she gave him a faint smile that seemed to say, “Don't worry about me. Just take care of yourself.”