This Book Will Make You Look Critically Into Your Own Life

Have you ever found yourself wowing while reading a fantastic story? Well, that is what happened to me when I picked up The Delimma by Ola Adepegba. I totally enjoyed reading every page.

The Delimma is a very interesting short fiction with diverse, yet straightforward lessons and a hidden touch of humor. As the story unfolds you will be reminded of basic truths that will urge you to look critically into your own life and ask yourself tough questions.

Deola was a school teacher. She was very hardworking, nice and kind. Unfortunately, she got involved in an accident which caused her severe damages. Two very important things were taken from her that day. And since after the accident, she lived in agony.

Due to her generous and kind ways,  a solution was one day presented before her. But only one problem could be solved - anyone of her choice.

Both problems appeared to be of equal concern to her. And because of that, she was not sure which one should be solved and which one should remain.

Deola was a virtuous woman. In today's world, kinds like her are hard to come by. Yet she was surrounded with situations she never bargained for, and nobody could be blamed either.

One of the questions you'll end up asking yourself while reading, is, "When the horrible and unexpected shows up at your doorstep, what will you do to get it out? And how far can you go?"

With The Dilemma, Ola opened my eyes to the sacrifices one should be willing to make in marriage. The book also strengthened my belief - that the strength for us to overcome issues comes from God alone, backed by the faith within that we have built overtime. Family and friends can only try to an extent.

Don't be too quick to make any decisions and try not to make it only based on other people's suggestions. Be convinced before you take that step, because what you are after could be the start of your delimma.
Kudos to Ola Adepegba. The Dilemma is a must read for young adults and newly weds.

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