Blessing - By Onuoha Fay Claire

They said they're burying Blessing today. I don't believe it; I can't. How can it be? I just came back for the long vacation and my brother relayed the news.

Blessing was easily the brightest and most beautiful girl in our age group. Every boy back then had an eye for her. I was never able to take the first position, save for one time when she was sick. That, coupled with the fact that almost everyone wanted to be in her clique, made me see her as a rival.
Our enmity was unspoken, yet deep. This continued through our junior secondary; it was an all girls school. Something happened and I changed school. In my new school, I guess my envy for Blessing fueled my will to always top my class. We never spoke even after I changed school, Blessing and I.

Everything changed after secondary school. Blessing started flying about. Different cars at odd hours either came to pick or drop her. She was always changing weaves, clothes and accessories. It was her time, she was on top of the world.

I gained admission into the University immediately after secondary school. One of her praise singers told me that she said she wanted to enjoy life before entering school. I came back at the end of my first year to hear of her demise. She had gone for an abortion at a quack's clinic and didn't make it.

Somehow I'm going to miss Blessing because all my hard work and achievements were fueled by my determination to shine more than her.