Garrison Junction - Everyone Is Worth One Sacrifice Or The Other

Life deals Barile a blow way before he is old enough to take one. While he falters under the weight of it, he meets Ada. A suspenseful love story begins that will challenge every fiber of their lives, and leave the reader smiling in admiration. And it all began at GARRISON JUNCTION in Port Harcourt!

Garrison Junction is a long and interesting series that is worth your reading time. It starts with the story of a woman abandoned by her husband and left with two young sons. She struggles with giving them a good upbringing, despite the economic hardship engulfing them.

Indeed when there is a will, there is a way. Barile and John rise above their background and become highly successful men. The twist comes when their run away father becomes the driver of a white man who takes John into the climax of his academic pursuit. Who would have thought as well that Bukola, the earlier married woman, but actually a prostitute, will not only be the wife of Japour company's gatekeeper who was almost responsible for the downfall of Barile Gboro, but also the woman, Tosan, the unfaithful husband ran to?
Emeka Okpara's Garrison Junction will take you through a merry go round journey and leave you satisfied. You'll see the need to pursue faithfulness, hardwork, honesty, maximum kindness, and carrying all through your life the Fear of God.

Mr Johnson and his family where God's instruments, used to tie all loose knots together from beginning to the end.
Enjoy the read and see once again how useless it is to live without purpose in mind. Abandoning family especially, is as well futile - everyone is worth one sacrifice or the other. I enjoyed this book, I hope you will too.


Author: Emeka Okpara

Category: Fiction

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