JUNGLE JUSTICE - I Wonder How We Arrived At This Point.

Shouts of “Olè! Olè!” rented the air. I saw a little boy of about seven years running frantically into our street with his pursuers hot on his heels . He ran into the compound opposite ours and tried to scale the fence but he was far too small to pull that kind of stunt. His hands clawed fiercely, trying to get a grip on the fence.

Unfortunately, his pursuers finally got hold of him. They dragged him outside the compound and out into the streets. I didn’t know how, but the
numbers suddenly tripled. I didn't know if half the people there even knew what crime the apprehended suspect allegedly committed. I didn't think they even wanted to know.

Then the beatings began. Somehow, his clothes disappeared off his body. Everyone wanted to lay hands on him. Cement blocks were smashed on his head; building lumber, stones, anything at all that was available. No one could stop the savages. Albeit, a trial could earn you the beating of your life. So, nobody dared.

Soon he was bleeding, and the call for tyres was made. The inhumane crowd echoed the call and tyres were provided. At that point, I couldn't stand it any longer. I needed to get out of there quickly.

I had barely hit the next street when I heard shouts, more of cheering. Instinctively turning, my gaze fell on an image that I'll never be able to forget. The bloodied little boy screaming his lungs out as fire engulfed him. I wiped the tears that streamed down my face and as I turned to leave, I wondered how we arrived at this point.


The above story was sent in by Onuoha Fay Claire. I didn't really like that a crowd could do such to a seven years old boy. The pictures forming in my head were terrible. Since I thought it was fiction, I was going to edit that part off. But then I went online, read the news making the rounds and realized it is no fiction.

No, I haven't seen the pictures. I don't wish to. And no, I haven't watched the video. I'm not interested in seeing how men and women gathered to kill a boy all because of garri.

As for those who stood by to snap pictures and record videos, you are as guilty as the people who carried out such inhumane act.

There's something called karma. Believe me, it always comes knocking at the door.

The police must hunt down all those involved and the law should give them life imprisonment. Enough it enough.