Little Did She Know - Onuoha Fay Claire

He had been instructed by his employers to break things off with her; that their work in LA was finished. He had spent roughly a year and a month with her.

He belonged to a con gang that terrorized Africa, Asia and Europe. He had been assigned to get close to her, in order to swindle her firm. The operation had been a success. Date her, he had done. This was what he had been doing for the past fifteen years but this time, it was different. He had fallen in love with her and even proposed marriage. It was in the heat of the wedding preparations that he got the instruction from above to end things with her.

Later that night, as they made dinner together, chatting, laughing and playing, he realized that he couldn't bring himself to tell her. They even spoke about their wedding. He just couldn't. It was really a long and lonely night as he kept turning and tossing on the bed.

He was up very early the next morning and asked her, no, literally begged her to elope with him that morning. She thought he was being hopelessly romantic. She had laughed at him and reminded him that she had things to attend to, and so did he. Seeing that it was futile trying to convince her without tangible reasons, he made to leave.

“I'll see you tonight,” she had said to him.

Little did she know that he'd be gone before she came back from work. That he'll pack up his things and erase every memory of him in her house, moments after she must have gone to work. Little did she know that he was ripped apart within, leaving her to think that what they had was unreal. Little did she know that he still kept tabs on her, waiting for a safe time to communicate with her and let her know that he it was she that he chose. Little did she know...