Love, Romance And Marriage - When Heaven Speaks

Title: When Heaven Speaks

Author: Walter Uche

Category: Romance


“It’s time, Aidee,” Jerry said as he walked toward where his girlfriend of three years was sprawled over the sofa in the living room of the home they’d been sharing for two years. She was lazily flipping through a This Day Style magazine, but looked up with mild interest when he came to a stop beside her.

“Time for what?” she enquired, lifting her brows at him. Those brows crocheted with bewilderment when he squatted down beside her.

“Time to do what I should have done ages ago.”

“Which is?”

He lifted his hands to her face, cupping the cocoa-skinned, oval visage in his hand as he said, “To ask you to ...

Walter Uche's When Heaven Speaks, is a short and subtletly funny story that tells us how vain it can be to place our priorities wrongly.

Aidee had waited patiently to get married to Jerry since their more than 2years relationship began. But when Jerry finally proposes she makes the wedding too big a deal, expecting perfect details and that almost tore their future union apart.

The first wedding date, 14th February 2015, became INEC election date. But Aidee still did not give up. The whole 'marriage preparation' thing became really suspicious when Tobi, a priest and mutual friend, alongside their other friends, met them at the airport as they had just returned from their wedding shopping abroad, and announced to the would be married couples that the election date is now on the new date Aidee had chosen; 28th March 2015.

Surprisingly, it was these wedding date changes that leveled her thinking and made her come back to her senses. Poor Jerry was already becoming tired of the entire planning.

If not the sensible advice/probing by Tobi, Jerry's friend, the soon to wed couples would have been completely frustrated, and the union lost. You know we ladies are always caught up in the 'perfect wedding day' web. But we should also realize that the wedding we are planning for, no matter how special, won't last more than a day.

So Read, laugh and learn...then maybe, just maybe, (lol) you will marry the right way.

Cheers to Walter Uche for piecing together this funny, yet educative story.

You can read the story here

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