MEN VS ROBOTS - By Tessy Mordi

What would be your first reaction if you should walk into an eatery to discover that people are served by robots? Would you freak out and leave? Or stand in awe of such invention? In this Nigeria? You may quickly want to add. But don't be surprised it might happen soon.

An article by Andrew Sebastian (On September 14the 2016) hinted that there are about five jobs that robot services may likely replace human services in. They are

1. Fast food.
2. Grocery
3. Customer service
4. Finance
5. Marketing.

The thing is, as much as I want to see Nigeria develop, I doubt that I'm looking forward to this change; especially with the already high unemployment rate. So as the popular saying goes 'we can't eat our cake and have it', my question is what do we do? What solutions will be put in place so humans can still work and earn a living? Do we rather leave our nation backward technologically, so there would be better chances of jobs? Or do we desire to have robots as replacement?

I've been asking myself this question. I have no answer. Now I'm asking you.