My Best Friend's Husband And I (7)

I didn't sleep in time so, I didn't get up early. It was already 9:15 when I woke up. I felt really hungry and angry as the previous nights's event played over and over again in my mind. I didn't want to face Patrick yet so I was glad I woke up late. After taking my bath and getting dressed, I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. You cannot imagine how my heart skipped when I saw Patrick sitting at the kitchen table. He had made breakfast for both of us and even set it on the table. He looked sad and worried at the same time. As soon as I walked in, he looked up at me. Then he stood and walked towards me with open arms but I avoided his embrace. He frowned, and his worries deepened.

"Are you okay?" He asked. "I came in late last night, you were asleep when I got in."

I didn't say anything. I simply moved away and started to search the cupboard for something else to eat.

"I prepared breakfast, in case you didn't notice." He said, when he saw what I was up to. Still, I ignored him. "Is something wrong? Have I done anything wrong? I am very late for work but because I wanted to see you, I stayed back. Now that you are here, you won't look at me, neither will you talk to me. What is wrong sweet heart? Please talk to me."

Not able to bear it anymore, I turned to him. "Go call that witch of a girlfriend sweet heart. All you men are the same, cheats! Thats what you all are."

Patrick's expression changed from worried to confused. "What in the name of God are you talking about?" He asked.

"You heard me." I turned to leave since I couldn't find anything else to help my appetite and besides, I wanted to get far away from Patrick. I had enough already. I moved towards the door, Patrick grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"You are not going anywhere Sam. If you have a problem with me, or someone is feeding you gossips about me and some whore out there, lets clear the issue here and now. We both are going nowhere."

"Let go of me, I have work to attend to."

"No Sam," he countered. "You have our marriage to attend to. You have a family."

"You are not my family" I yelled at him, tears already streaming down my cheeks. "You are nothing to me and you will always be nothing. I don't deal with your kind Pat, I don't. If it wasn't for Fiona's last wish of us being together, I'm not sure I would have ever wanted to set my eyes on you again."

"This is anger talking, not you."

"You don't know that. Now let me go!" I pulled away from his grip. In seconds was out of the house and off to work. I was so angry that I even thought of filing for a divorce. However, I could not. I could not because my best friend's last wish was to be the mother of her children and the companion of her blighted husband.

Work that day would have been very bad if Isabel had not stepped in to save the day. She was everywhere at the same time because I was too emotional to do my bit.

"Whats wrong boss?" Isabel asked, when she came into my office at the end of the day's work. "You haven't been yourself all day."

"I'm fine Isabel. I just needed a few moments alone."

"No way!" She protested. "You've had a lot of alone time today and yet you don't look any better. Come on! Open up to me will you? A problem shared is indeed a problem half solved."

"Isabel, I really appreciate your concern but I can't. I don't want to burden you with my problems."

"What problems?" Mrs. King asked, as she stepped in. She had heard my last statement and was obviously wondering what was wrong with me.

"My problems." I said coldly.

"Wrong dearest." The elderly lady said. "Its our problem, not yours. We are a family here Sam and we need to start acting like one."

"Mrs. King is right." Isabel said, making a face that said "start talking."

I sighed and sank back into my seat. Where was I going to start from. "Patrick has a lover." I said finally. It was the only way to summarise the whole issue.

"What?" Isabel asked.

"Are you sure?" Mrs. King also asked.

"Of course I'm sure."

"What happened dear? What did you see?" The elderly woman asked.

I sighed again before going on to narrate the conversation I had with Jenny Deyor over the phone, the night before.

"That girl is so shameless." Mrs. King was bewildered.

"Look boss," Isabel said. "If you want me to handle her, all you have to do is say the word."

"There is no need for that, Isabel. I won't go on fighting a whore just because the person who's supposed to be a married man can't act like one."

"But that's not the case Sam." Mrs. King put in. "Everyone in town, of course except you, knows what Jenny is capable of. I won't be surprised if your husband knows nothing about that call."

"I don't believe that."

"Well you better start believing it boss." Isabel said. "At least try to find out what really happened first, before you take action."

"Hmmmm... so what do you want me to do? Spy on them? Stalk them?"

"No. We go right now to where Pa... I mean your husband is doing the construction of their mall. Then, we confront her face to face. Thats what a real woman should do. You have to fight for your man."

"He is not my man." I protested.

"Urrrrrgggg.... you're only saying that now because you're pissed off."

"Look dear," Mrs. King moved around to place a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Patrick is your man and really, you have to sort things out the right way. We will accompany you to the site if you want."

"There is no need for that Mrs. King. I don't want to give the nit wit a chance to think that I can't handle my own business."

"Okay then, Isabel and I will just stay back and finish up with the cleaning before going home."

"No way!" Isabel protested. "I'm going with the boss. I won't miss all that show for anything in the world."

"Isabel," I called. "It's not a show, it's my life."

"Sure it is, sorry. But all the same, I want to be your back up." She persuaded.

"No. You stay here and help Mrs. King. When you are done, go home. God knows you need your rest after a long day's work."

"Hmmmm.." She sighed. "Whatever you say boss."

I quickly put my things together and left the restaurant. Isabel and Mrs. King saw me off and gave me some encouraging words. Before I left, I asked for the location where the shopping mall was being constructed. Isabel was able to give me a good description. I said my thanks and was soon on my way.

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To be continued.....