My Best Friend's Husband And I (8)

I got to the construction site in about fifteen minutes. By then it was late evening already. I saw some of Patrick's men still working.

"Hello," I called out as I continued towards them. Some of them looked up at me.

"Yes mam, what can we do for you?" A man, whom I believed to be their superintendent, asked. He was dressed in blue jeans pants, a white t-shirt and wore a head light. His hands were covered with work gloves. The other men also wore head lights and gloves. The place was dark and they really needed the light. I started to wonder why they had to work late. It was far past normal working hours. Patrick didn't give his workers a break or what?

"I came to see Patrick." I said, after getting close enough. The light from the other men's head lamps showed him to be a man in his late forties, with well trimmed beards. His t-shirt was tight, therefore revealing his very muscular body.

"He already went home." The man said. "You'll have to come back tomorrow."

"Oh, that won't be necessary. I'll just see him at home."

"Okay mam."

That said, I turned to leave but then, something caught my attention. I saw Jenny coming out from the east wing of the uncompleted building with a man. She had her arms wrapped around his waist. They were like two love birds chatting away happily. Out of curiosity, I walked towards them.

If Patrick had gone home, I thought, then who was that man she was with?

I moved closer.  But just as I got close enough, Jenny grabbed the man by the neck, pulled him down towards her and started to kiss him. He didn't resist, he kissed her back. At that moment my heart nearly stopped. Who was she kissing?

I didn't want to interfere but I seriously had to know. Without thinking things through, I walked up to them and grabbed Jenny by the hair before pulling her away from the man's hold.

"Arrrr!!" she cried, trying to fight off whoever her attacker was. "Let go of me."

I let go of her hair and she turned to face me. Before I could say one word, she landed a hot slap across my face. I didn't think twice before retaliating with two slaps from both my left and right hands. Being annoyed at the situation, Jenny charged at me. I put down my bag and soon we were locked in a very stupid and avoidable fight. We rolled on the ground and pulled at each other's hair. I was too busy fighting, I didn't see her grab a stone from the ground. All I remember is her hand coming on to my head but I didn't move away. I was still fighting and pulling at her hair when I felt the force of the stone hit my head. I cried out, not being able to bear the pain. But then, I saw her hand coming down again, for the second time. I tried to move away but I couldn't. She held me firmly to the ground, especially since she was sitting on top of me, a position which was clearly an advantage for her. The stone was going to hit me a second time but fortunately, one of the men who had gathered around us caught her hand in mid air and took the stone away, before pulling her away from on top of me.

"What's wrong with both of you?" The man asked. Even though I was in serious pain and there was blood trickling down my forehead, I was able to see his face with the aid of the other work men's head lamp. I recognized him as the project superintendent who had attended to me earlier.

"She started it" Jenny said, pointing accusing fingers at me. "I was with Greg when this thing came out of nowhere and started to pull my hair."

"Its true," a man said, moving forward to check her, to see if she was okay. I guessed he was the man she was with before I attacked her.

"What happened madam?" The superintendent asked me. "I thought you came to see Patrick?"

"Yes I did." I said, struggling to my feet.

"But I told you he had gone home."

"I found that hard to believe, since this slut and husband snatcher was hanging around."

"Who are you calling a slut?" Jenny fled up. She made an attempt to launch an attack on me. Fortunately, the man who was checking her held her back and begged her to calm down.

"Look, I don't understand what's happening here," the superintendent said. "But I think you two should go home, especially you madam." He said to me. "You are not in good shape at all."

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