My Best Friend's Husband And I (Chapter 3)

From the kitchen, we could hear the rain outside. It wasn't subsiding. If anything, it was getting heavier. The weather remained very cold, leaving us with the option of wrapping one hand around ourselves or pulling our night robes tighter.

In the dead of the cold night, for about 10 to 15 minutes, we sipped our tea quietly. We said nothing to each other, neither did we look at each other. But occasionally, I spied on Patrick. He was in deep thoughts. I wondered why because nothing really happened earlier. I only came out from the bathroom and he saw my nakedness.

What else could be bothering him so much? I thought. "If we are not going to talk about anything," I said at last, after I had finished sipping my tea, "Can I go to my room? Tomorrow is definitely going to be another busy day and I need my rest."

"Tomorrow is Saturday." Patrick said, finally looking up at me. There was  something in his eyes; something I had never seen before.

"Yes I know." I shrugged.

"You're going to work tomorrow?" He asked.

"No! But I have a lot to do. Also the children are there to attend to."

"The kids won't be an issue."

"Why?" I asked frowning.

"Because they are with their grandma. They are spending the whole weekend with her. Itts just the two of us."

Just the two of us? I thought. My instincts kicked in, a thousand thoughts flashed in my mind and I was sure that Patrick had something up his sleeves. If not, why would he send the kids away for the whole weekend? "Okay. Since it is just two of us, can we talk quickly?" I heard myself grumbling, instead of asking. "I need my beauty sleep."

"Yes we can talk, but I don't know if it going to be quickly." He said, finishing his tea and keeping the mug on the table. "I was thinking, Sam" He started. "I was thinking that, since we are married, we might as well live like couples and enjoy the full benefits."

I frowned, looked him straight in the eyes and asked. "Why are you suddenly saying this?"

"Because we need each other Sam." He said. "We didn't choose a life of celibacy did we? And we sure as hell can't go on living like a priest and a nun."

"Do you realise you're my best friend's husband?" I asked.

"I was your best friend's husband." He corrected. "Now I'm yours."


"Do I irritate you so much?" He asked, cutting me short. "Look, I'm not asking you to love me, that will be too much to ask. I'm only saying lets have the other benefit of being a couple. You need me and I need you."

Not knowing what else to say, I stood up and scratched my head. "This is not something we can decide in one night. Let us..."

I didn't complete my sentence before he stood up and came over to my own side of the table. He gently took my hands and pulled me to himself. It was the first time, since our wedding dance, we were standing so close. At the wedding I felt terrible. But with what was happening, I was confused and arosed. I wasn't the only one. The bulge between Patrick's leg pushed at my abdomen. How come we managed to stay away from each other's path but still have feelings for each other?

"Patrick," I swallowed. "This is not necce...." I didn't finish my sentence. He bent low and kissed me. I tried to struggle but it was useless. After enough pressure from him, my lips parted and Patrick wasted no time in taking full advantage. He kissed me deeply and passionately. Passion? Where did that even come from? When did it start? Soon I was head over heels and I knew something had to be done to stop him before things went out of hand. I raised one leg to kick him but instead, he grabbed both my thighs and lifted me to sit on to the dinning table. At this point, I felt his lips all over my neck. My night robe was parted and all I had inside was a light strap dress. Patrick pulled the straps off my shoulders, his lips soon covered one nipple while one hand caressed the other. He was gentle, but the pleasure was electrifying. I ran my hand through his hair and moaned. His hands reached below my nightie,

"No, no!" I wanted to stop him but it was too late. He found my softness easily because I was wearing no undies. He moaned as he caressed me. I was so close to heaven. Suddenly, Patrick withdrew. I thought he was going to leave me hanging after so much pleasure. Instead he gently pushed me into a lying position and spread my legs out before his eyes. I felt rather than heard his sharp breath, as he looked between my legs and said my name, almost moaning. His hands moved and caressed me again. I closed my eyes and was still in so much pleasure when suddenly, I felt his warm breath on my delicate part. My breath caught in my throat and I knew what was about to follow.

"No! No!!" I whispered, as I anticipated his next move. I was already going on a different level of estacy, my eyes were shut tight and so I didn't know what was delaying him. Being curious, I opened my eyes only to see him staring at me with so much lust.


"I'm sorry." He said, interrupting me. His voice was hoarse. "I shouldn't force you to do something you don't want to do. I really I'm sorry. I should exercise more self restraint." That said, he turned and walked out of the kitchen with a very huge bulge in front of his pajamas. He left me there, hanging.

"Why did you stop?" That was the question I was going to ask, but since he didn't let me finish, he obviously thought I wanted him to stop.

It took me almost 20 minutes to get off the table, and another 15 to clean the dishes, before going upstairs to my bedroom. On the way, I stopped briefly in front of Patrick's door but my self respect and pride didn't allow me knock on the door. I went on to my room. I went into the bathroom to clean up before putting off the light and lying on my bed. Although I was set for the night, I could not sleep. I kept thinking about what could have happened between Patrick and I had he not stopped. I wondered if we would ever have such boldness again, to take the steps we took in the kitchen. I thought about what Fiona would say if she could see us. I wondered what Patrick was doing at the moment. Was he asleep? Or was he deep in thoughts like me?

Not knowing the answer to any of my questions, I closed my eyes and prayed for sleep to come. But I didn't sleep until about three hours later.

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To be continued.....