My Best Friend's Husband And I - Chapter Four

The rays of the morning sun streamed quietly into my room, accompanied by the sound of classical music which seemed to be coming from downstair. I turned. I still felt sleepy but when I opened my eyes and looked at the time, I quickly jump up. It was nearly mid-day already.

I wore my night robe and headed for the door. But before I could take hold of the knob, it turned and the door flew open.

"Hey Sam!" Jada called, excitedly, and then rushed towards me with open arms. I was surprised to see her. I hugged her close for some seconds before she pulled back and started to rant about how she was enjoying her stay with grandma and how she was definitely going to enjoy the amusement pack that night.

"Amusement park tonight?" I asked. "What are you talking about?"

She didn't explain a thing to me before running off and calling out to Kathrine. I followed her behind until I got downstairs. There, I saw Mother Phil at the entrance talking with Patrick. As soon as he saw me, he quickly said something to her and left the house.

"Mother Phil." I called, after Patrick had gone. She smiled. Even in old age, her smile was ever so radiant and heart warming.

"Hello Samantha." She said, moving towards me with open arms. "How are you?"

"I'm fine." I replied, and walked into her embrace. "I didn't know you were here. Oh dear. I haven't even cleaned out or prepared breakfast. What can I offer you?" I asked and started towards the kitchen.

"Nothing dear." She replied, pulling me back. "I won't be long. We just came to get some more clothes for the kids. They will be spending the rest of the weekend and the new week with me."

"Oh!" I said, looking confused.

"Don't look like that." She said. "You will have them back in no time. I just want to enjoy some precious moments with my grandchildren."

"Sure I understand. They are all you have left of Fiona."

"Not all." She said with mock frown. "You and Patrick are also part of what I have left of her. You are now like a daughter to me and Patrick is like a son."

"And you've always been like a mother to me." I said smiled.

"And I will always be my dear. Now," she said seriously, as she took my hand and led me to the kitchen. "How are you coping with married life? I want you to tell me everything. Don't leave out a single detail. Who knows, I might have some good advice for you."

"Oh, Mother Phil." I said, without struggling to get out of her pull. "I don't want to bore you. Married life is full of boring moments these days."

"And why is that?" She asked. "Mine wasn't boring."

We got into the kitchen and took a seat each. For the next thirty minutes we talked. I told her about my feelings and how far the marriage was going.

"You mean you two don't hug each other? Let alone make love?" She asked with all seriousness.

"Mother Phil!" I cried, feeling embarrassed. "That's all you picked from everything I just told you?"

"Yes dear." She said, ignoring my blush. "I used to tell Fiona a lot of things about marriage, now whether you like it or not, I'm going to tell you same. No one, for no reason, should joke with a husband's sexual needs. If you do that, he will look outside."

"But you know this marriage wasn't borne out of love, Mother Phil." I reminded her. "We are only married because it was Fiona's last wish."

"Your marriage may not have be borne out of love dear, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't go with love. You and Patrick are very close to my heart and I want to see you workout your differences and move forward together. Patrick wants to try working out things with you dear, why don't you want to do same?"

"I haven't said I don't want to" I defended myself.

"Then why? I'm trying to understand why you rejected his advances last night."

My eyes widened and my heart skipped. "You were away with the kids last night Mother Phil. So how ...?"

"Patrick told me." She admitted. "He didn't want to at first but I forced it out of him. Why do you think I'm here Sammantha? Just for a family visit? No! No!! No!!! I'm here to try to make things work for both of you. I want you two to be happy. I asked Patrick over the phone how your relationship was going. What he said wasn't too far from what you just told me but one thing was different. He likes you Sam. He wants to try to be a real husband to you. To love you, to plan the rest of his life with you and if possible have another child with you. But he doesn't know how to go about it. He didn't know where to start. I had to volunteer to take the kids away so that you have more time to yourselves. I called him early this morning and he said last night didn't work. That's when I decided that the kids would spend the rest of the week with me. I am hoping you fix things up before the end of the new week."

"But I don't know where to start from either mum." I admitted. "I'm as confused, if not more confused than Patrick is."

"Try giving it a go." Mother Phil persuaded. "If you don't know how or where to start, know that you can always begin by having an open heart towards each other."

I was nodding in agreement when we heard the entrance door open. First we heard Patrick's voice and then a woman's voice followed. They were laughing over something the woman said. Mother Phil and I gave each other a curious look.

"Lets go see who it is." She said.

We got up and headed to the passage. But no one was there. This time, we heard their voices coming from the sitting room. We went there and from the entrance, we saw a blond sitting with her back to us while Patrick sat opposite her. On seeing us, he quickly stood up.

"Oh! Mother Phil" he said. "The house was quiet. I thought you'd left already with the kids."

"No, I am very much around."

The blond lady stood up to face us and it was then that I saw her face. She was Stefany Deyor, first child of the Deyors. The Deyors were neighbours who lived three houses away from us. They were always good people so no one had problems with them, but Stefany? Everyone knew she was a slut. She didn't care who she slept with as long as the guy suited her fancy.

"Hello Sam." She greeted with a smile. "Mother Phil." She said with acknowledgement. "I'm glad to finally meet you. I used to hear a lot about you from Fiona and now Patrick. You are a really nice woman."

"And who are you?" Mother Phil asked, ignoring her compliments.

"Oh, I'm Stefany mam; Stefany Deyor." She moved forward and extended her hand for a shake. Mother Phil didn't look like one who wanted to shake hands with her but eventually she did.

"Nice to meet you too Stefany." She said at last.

After the pleasantries, Patrick went on to explain that Stefany had been away for a short time and that she was back home to stay. She wanted to set up a small shopping mall and she needed Patrick's assistance.

"A shopping mall is a great idea for a small town that doesn't have one. I'm sure you will make it big." Mother Phil encouraged her.

"Oh thank you so much mam." Stefany said, beaming with smiles. "I have practically failed in a lot of things, but I don't intend to fail in this one."

"I'm su...." Mother Phil was interrupted as Jada and Kathrine ran in unannounced and grabbed her from behind.

"Grandma we're ready." Kathrine said. "We packed everything we need."

"Are you sure?" Mother Phil asked. "I may have to take a look." She looked back at Stefany. "Its a pleasure meeting you dear, now if you will excuse me, I have to attend to my grand kids."

"Its okay mam. Nice to meet you too." Stefany replied.

Mother Phil left the sitting room with the kids and went upstairs to their rooms to check what they had put together inside their boxes. I remained in the sitting room but still hadn't said a word.

"Hey Sam!" Stefany called.

"Hey you." I said with a low voice. Not wanting to go into any discussion with her, I turned to leave. But before I could take four steps Patrick was by my side.

"Can I talk with you for a minute?" He asked.

I nodded. We went into the study and after closing the door, the first thing that came out of his mouth was "You don't have to be jealous you know, after all, you don't want me."

I frowned at his statement. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Stefany and the way you looked at her coldly. You don't have to be like that, she hasn't done anything wrong."

"Well soon she will." I said.

"What are you insinuating?"

"I'm saying that soon, she will get on your bed and ruin our lives."

"Lives?" He scoffed. "What lives? Our pretense marriage or what?"

"We both know that she has always been and will continue to be the neighbourhood slut."

"I will not have you insult my new friend and client. Whatever she does out there is her own problem, but I won't allow you use your attitude to drive my client away."

"If she's only a client, I have no problem with that."

"And if she becomes more than that?"

"I wouldn't wait a day before I pack out of your home."

"Great! That way I will be free to be with someone who will satisfy all my sexual longings. I have been starved for far too long."

"Are you blaming that on me?"

"Who else is supposed to be my wife?"

"We were going somewhere last night and then you stopped. Care to tell me why? You probably couldn't stop thinking of Fiona and so you pulled off because you felt you were dishonoring her memory."

"That's not it Sam. I loved Fiona but its well over a year since she died and we got married. I want to move on with my life, to move on with the woman who I now call my wife. I wanted to establish that sweet, unique and sacred bound between us last night but despite everything, you turned me away."

For a moment I looked at him speechless. What in God's name was he talking about? I wanted him badly but I didn't have the nerve to make the first move and Fiona was still in my mind. We were getting somewhere last night. I waited to feel his lips on my inner thighs but instead he stopped and now he was blaming me?"

"In didn't turn you away Patrick. God knows I wanted to do it with you but you stopped. You left me hanging and feeling rejected on the kitchen table. It took me almost the rest of the night to pull myself together, hence I slept late and woke up late. Its almost mid-day. Have you taken breakfast? I'll go to the kitchen now."

I moved towards the door but Patrick stood in front of me. "No! You said no last night when I wanted to taste you. You said it twice, thats why I stopped. If you didn't want me to stop, why did you say it?"

"I don't know. I don't remember saying no but if I did, then maybe the pleasure was just too much." I said truthfully.

Patrick's expression lighted up and his lips curved into a light smile. "So you weren't rejecting me last night?"

"No. I was only scared and confused."

"So if we..." He paused. "If I come to you tonight, you won't send me away?"

"Why? So that you'll report me once more to Mother Phil?"

His eyes widened at my statement and his smile broadened. "I see she has talked to you too."

"I have wanted you for a while now Partrick, but I didn't know how to go about telling you and besides, Fiona is still very much in my mind."

"But she gave us her permission. This whole thing was her idea." Patrick moved closer and pulled me into his embrace. He rubbed the lenght of my back and soon pecked my forehead. "So tonight?" He asked.

"No." He quickly pulled back and looked at me with a confused frown. "First, I want to know why you decided to threaten me by bringing Stefany here."

He smiled. I didn't bring her here to threaten you Sam, she's only a client. But I must admit that I toyed with the idea." He chuckled.

"For that, you are going to pay tonight."

"I will pay as much as you want me to." He said and kissed my lips.

After we talked, Patrick went back to discuss details of the new shopping mall with Stefany, while I went into the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast. I knew everyone was hungry and wanted to eat something. After our late breakfast, Mother Phil left with the kids and Patrick went out to assemble his men for the construction of the mall. They were starting work immediately.

I spent the rest of the day doing the laundry and cleaning up the house. After that, I slept off. I still needed my rest.

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To be continued.....

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