My Best Friend's Husband And I (Chapter Five)

Patrick didn't come home in time and I was beginning to get worried. My worries increased when lightning and thunder took over the skies. Within minutes it was windy outside and it began to rain heavily. We were experiencing a period of constant rain, almost every evening, into the night. So it was not so surprising when the weather changed. I took my blanket to the sitting room and made a cup of tea to keep warm. Hours past and Patrick wasn't back yet. I slept off on the couch only to be woken up sometime later by the sound of heavy banging on the door.

"Patrick!" I whispered, before jumping up and running to open the door. He came in soaked from head to toe and from the look on his face, he definitely was not in a good mood. "I'm sorry, I fell asleep. I didn't know you were knocking."

"Its okay, I'm not mad at you." Without another word, he went up to his room. I got the mop and mopped away the water that dripped from his clothes. Then I went into the kitchen and warmed his dinner in the micro wave. I also made a cup of hot tea. After I was done I waited a while for him, but he didn't come down stairs. Not wanting to wait anymore, I placed his dinner on a tray, along with the cup of hot tea and went up to his room. The room door was slightly open. I pushed it open and walked in. What my eyes saw almost made me drop the tray. Patrick stood at the opposite end of the room, stark naked. He didn't have the body of a model but he was gorgeous in every sense of the word. I swallowed hard when I saw the length of him and my eyes grew wide. Not knowing what else to do, I quickly put the tray on the table close by and turned around.

"I will come back for it after you're done" I said, and started to walked out.

"Sam," he called. I stopped on my tracks without looking back. I didn't want to look at his nakedness. Not again. I didn't think I could take another round of the show. I stood, expecting him to speak. When he didn't say a world, I moved to continue on my way out but then I felt his warm lips on my neck and his hands on both my shoulders.

"Oh God!" I whispered.

"You're not planing to dodge me again, are you?" He asked, planting more kisses on my neck, and then my shoulders.

"I.... I can come back later when you are dressed." I said, looking for a way to escape. The thought of him standing naked behind me drove my senses wild. I was sure I would melt into jelly but then, hadn't Mother Phil said it was okay to get together?

I couldn't answer my own question because at that moment, I felt a strong pull as Patrick firmly, but gently turned me to face him. I wanted to look away but instead, my eyes looked down at his lower waist. I expected to see the head of his rod pointing at my abdomen, but, phew... I sighed in relief. Before coming up to me from behind, Patrick tied a towel around his waist. No wonder he took so long. I thought.

"You look relieved." He said, smiling. It was as if he knew what was in my mind.

"Well, I should." I admitted.

"So my nakedness bothers you so much?"

"Its going to take a while for me to get used to seeing you naked. So yes, it did bother me." I answered truthfully.

"Does that mean tonight wouldn't hold?" He asked, a sad expression written on his face.

"It... it will hold..." I stammered.

"But? I hear a but coming."

"But we don't have to go all the way. We can start by getting used to each other."

"I understand you don't want to rush, so I won't make you rush."

"Thanks. I appreciate your understanding."

"So how do we start? You will have to lead so that I follow. If I lead, I will go all the way." He teased.

"Okay I will lead." I laughed, lightly. "But first you have to eat."

"You promise not to change your mind before I finish eating?" He asked, his hands moving to caress my cheeks. His lips were so close to mine. It took all the self discipline I could muster, not to move in and grab them with mine.

"I won't." I assured him.

Patrick smiled, bent low and kissed my lips briefly, before turning to where his food was. I wanted more than just that little kiss. I wanted to eat at his lips and lick them at the same time, but, before I made a fool of myself, I quickly walked out of the room so as to cool off. As if being so close to a half naked man was not enough, the half naked man had to kiss me too? The scenes from the previous night came flooding back, and my entire senses went wild. A warm feeling spread throughout my body. It was still raining heavily outside and there was still so much cold, but with what had happened, and the thought of what was to happen, I started to feel very warm.

"Oh dear God! Help me." I prayed, climbing on the bed. Different thoughts raced through my mind and I knew I was two legs in for real. How do I handle Patrick? Was I just going to let him have me without first making it difficult for him? I had my dignity and pride to maintain as a woman. How would I maintain them if I don't play hard to get? Sure, we've been married for a year. But we only walked around the house like zombies. We weren't interested in doing anything intimate. This was something new for us, like a hurried courtship. I thought so hard and so long, I didn't know when I fell asleep.

I woke up sometime during the night with a start. The heavy rain had become a light shower. I knew because of the soft rain drops on the roof. I was curled up with my side to the left. A warm blanket covered me. I tried to move, but I felt it;  two strong arms around my waist from behind. Scared out of my wits, I tried to remove the hand, so I could escape. But the hand held me down firmly.

"Relax Sam, I'm not here to hurt you." It was Patrick. "I waited for you to come to me and since you didn't come, I decided to come to you."

"I'm sorry" I relaxed. I thought it was someone else holding me but since it was Patrick, I was okay. "I didn't know when I slept off." I explained.

"Yes I know, judging from the way you were lying down." He drew closer and planted a warm kiss on my shoulder. "Let me know if you want me to go." He said after a brief silence. "I will go and not disturb you tonight."

The thought of him going away and me missing all that warm and lovely touch, made me realise that indeed I wanted him."Its okay Patrick, I want you to stay."

"Thanks darling." He said, and drew me closer. "So! Where do we start our relationship from?"

"From where we are.?" I replied. "We don't need to put sex in front."

"Sure." Patrick agreed. "But at least, having an intimate half way won't be a bad idea, would it?"

"Intimate half way? Whats that?" I asked.

Patrick didn't answer, instead he pulled himself up, to a half lying position, supported by his elbow. Then he gently turned me upward to face him. He brought his lips down on my forehead, then my eye lids, the tip of my nose and finally my lips. I didn't want to kiss him back initially, because I was certain that responding to him was only going to lead to sex. I wanted us to hold on when it came to sex but it looked like Patrick had another definition of waiting. He pressured my lips and when I tried turning away, he used his free hand to hold my head firmly in position. Soon I was kissing him back and moaning at the same time. His hands moved gently from my shoulders and rested on my bosom. I made to remove it but then, his hands moved again from top to inside my nightie. He  squeezed gently.  I loved it. And I had to let him be. We kissed a while longer before he moved down to my neck. He spent good time there, sending pleasurable shivers down my spine.

"Patrick," I found my self moaning. "Can we slow down?"

"Why would we want to slow down?" He asked, still doing whatever he was doing to drive me nuts.

"Well... well"

Thats all I said before he used his free hand to part my night robe. He moved down from my neck, to my shoulders and finally I felt his warm lips around at my nipple. I wanted to turn the other way but he remained focused and didn't let go no matter where I faced. He licked and sucked and squeezed gently at the same time. Soon, he was moving from one bosom to the other. I realized that turning back was not going to be possible.

After spending some quality time with the moulds of my chest, Patrick sat up and looked at me. "You're beautiful and sweet, my darling." He said, before moving to remove my clothes. I held his hands in an attempt to stop him. "Relax dear, I'm not going to bite you." He assured me. "I only want to pleasure you."

Somehow, his calm voice eased my feelings and I let go of his hands. Within seconds, I laid stark naked on the bed. His eyes ran up and down the length of my not so slim body. I expected him to sigh in dissatisfaction, instead, he placed his hands on my tommy and bent low to kiss it. From there, he moved up and took my lips again.

"You are beautiful." He said between moans. "God knows you are driving me crazy, but I will try not to over step my boundary. I know you don't want us to go all the way. But...." He kissed me again and this time, it was a long and passionate kiss. "Permit me to do this."

He pulled back and moved down to my lower part. Before I realized what he was up to, he parted my legs and raised them up over his shoulders.

"Patrick..." I whispered his name before inhaling sharply, as I felt his warm lips between my inner thighs. "Aaaahh..." I moaned at the sweet sensation that immediately took over my body and senses.

Patrick was a big time lover. He held my legs apart firmly and ate me like it was the best food he had ever tasted. I moaned loudly because of what he was doing to me. Then he stretched his hands upward and rested them on my bosom. Soon he was tasting me down and squeezing me up at the same time. He was in no rush. He took his time to make sure I found myself no where else but heaven. At some point my legs began to shake and my hips jerked forward and backward in a rhythmic pattern that suggested I needed penetration. I didn't really care if we went all the way, I just needed to feel him inside me. Instead on penetrating, Patrick used his finger to stroke the V of my thighs. From time to time, he dipped one finger slightly into me. My moans increased. This went on for a while until I reached an earth shattering orgasm. In the midst of all that cold, I was feeling so much heat. Patrick laid back on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. He planted several kisses on my shoulder, neck and cheeks and then my lips.

"Thank you." I said almost in a whisper. My body started to relax. In response, Patrick pecked my forehead.

"You are welcome." He said.

"But what about you?" I asked, feeling concerned.

"I'm fine."

"No you're not." I countered. "You cannot go through all of that and not want some release."

"I'm fine Sam." He said again, reassuringly. "There is nothing to worry about for now."

Although he said he was okay, I didn't believe him. I was sure he only said that to put me at ease. However, we both soon fell asleep in each other's arms. The night was still very cold but with Patrick by my side, cold was kept at bay. I realized for the first time in a long time, that I really needed a man by my side.

Chapter Six

Sunday morning service was packed full because it was a day set aside for thanks giving and praises. The service didn't end until afternoon. By the time Patrick and I got home, all we wanted to do was rest. I prepared fried plantain and potatoes with ketchup. After eating, I went upstairs to get some sleep, while Patrick remained locked up in his study.

Later that night, Patrick came to me again. And again, we shared great intimate moments. No matter how aroused Patrick was, he never penetrated me, not even when I asked him to. I had to rub the length of him vigorously, until he came.

"I don't believe you are ready." He said. "I don't want you to regret anything later on, at least this way, you wouldn't think I'm forcing you to give up something. I get the feeling you have never really done this before." He said at last.

"Why would you think so?" I asked, with shot up brows.

"I know a pro when I see one, Sam. and I also know an amateur. You look and act like an amateur."

"That's unfair." I protested. "Just because and lie there and let you pleasure me, that doesn't mean I am an amateur."

"Can you prove that?" Patrick asked. Somehow, I felt he was pulling my legs.

"And how do you want me to prove it?" I asked.

"BJ. That would be all."

I frowned at him openly. "BJ proves nothing."

"It proves one thing dear,"

Dear? Since when did he start calling me that? I thought. I quickly pushed the thought off my mind and faced him again. "So exactly what does BJ prove? I want to know."

"It proves you are a pro."

"That's absurd." My frown deepened. "If you really want a BJ, you will get it, but I am not ready for that now."

"I know.... but I won't stop giving you BJs Sam. Not as long as we are in this marriage and in this house together. I will do everything to please you, both in and out of bed." He drew me closer and pecked my forehead. It was the early hours of the morning we finally slept.

Monday morning came with its demands and we had to fulfill them. We quickly got dressed, ate breakfast together and rushed off to work.

I had five employees at Sammy's Fries, the small restaurant I used to manage then. There were two young men, Carl and Stephen by name. One young girl, Isabel, and an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. King. The young men helped take out the trash and also handled delivery services. The elderly couple cooked, while Isabel and I served the customers. Occasionally, when there were no home or office orders placed, the young men assisted with serving the customers in the restaurant. However, cleaning and maintaining the place was a collective responsibility.

That Monday morning, at the restaurant, customers came in their numbers. They were both regular folks and new ones.

"Where did all these people come from?" Isabel asked.

Isable was a nice girl in her early twenties. She was done with high school and collage but was still waiting for admission into the state's university. If that came through, we knew we were all going to miss her. Isabel was fun to be with. My only problem with her was that she never left people's private lives alone. She made it a priority to know what was up with everyone in town. She was about 5ft plus, on the slim side and had the shape of a fox. She loved tight fitted clothes because she wanted her shape to be noticed by all. Her long hair was packed into a pony tail as she stood next to me at the counter. We had spent a greater part of the morning attending to customers. Isabel had just attended to the last customer when she came to stand by my side.

"I don't know Isabel," I replied. "Maybe they all came in during the weekend."

"Really? Well I don't think so boss. If it was, I would have known. You know I have the eyes of an eagle and the ear of a dog. I hear things from miles away. I can bet on my life that these people were not in this little town of ours during the weekend. They only just arrived."

"So what could have brought them here?" I asked.

"Well, since I'm locked up in this place, how am I supposed to know?" Isabel replied with hands spread out.

I smiled at the fake innocent face she made. She always did that whenever she wanted to have her way. "You are not going anywhere Isabel. We will still have customers to attend to and beside, after serving them, we have a lot of cleaning to do. So back to work dear, most of the customers are done eating. Go clear the tables."

She looked at me with a childish frown and then rolled her eyes. "If at the end of the day you don't know why there are so many people in this little town of ours, don't blame me boss. You're the one who has refused to let me go out."

"No I won't blame you my dear." I replied. "But I will blame you if those tables are not cleared and put in order."

"Arrrggg!" She grumbled in a very low voice so that only I could hear.

I didn't mind, I just laughed at her and walked into my small office. I had worked all morning. Afternoon had come and still, I hadn't been able to come up with a plan to please Patrick that night. I sat on my chair so that I could rest my head and think. However, I only sat for less than seven minutes when my door opened slightly and Mrs. King's head appeared at the opening. Mrs. King was always nice to me and because of the kind of relationships I had with my employees, the elderly woman and her husband called me by my first name; but the young employees called me boss.

"Samantha," Mrs. King called, from the door. "Someone's here to see you."

"Who?" The only person that used to come see me was Fiona but since she died, I didn't really have anyone to call a best friend even though I had few friends.

"It's your husband." She replied.


"Yes." She smiled.

"Oh, let him in." I said, and stood up.

Patrick walked in with a bouquet of beautiful flowers in his hands. Before Mrs. King closed the door behind her, I caught her smiling naughtily at me and I knew that as soon as Patrick left, I would have lots of questions thrown at me.

"Patrick!" I said, and quickly stepped out from behind my desk to hug him.

"Hello my dear wife." He said and bent low to kiss me. It was a brief but very wet kiss, full of life and an invitation. We pulled back and he gave me the flowers. "I bought these for you." He said.

"Oh Patrick you ..."

"Who is Patrick?" He asked, cutting me short.

"Of course you are." I replied, trying to catch the joke.

"You are my dear wife," he said. "That makes me your dear husband. So, I don't think it will hurt for you to say, oh, my dear husband."

I smiled at the way he tried to mimick my voice and way of expression. "Okay I get it. Thank you my dear husband, the flowers are beautiful."

"You're welcome." He chuckled. "You see, if we keep up with that, we will finally see ourselves as a couple who are head over heels in love."

"I thought we already saw our selves as a couple?" I asked.

"Yes, but not as one who is in love."

He pulled me into his embrace again and we kissed passionately, like there was no tomorrow. Although we only stated being intimate two days back, I was beginning to get used to it. My only problem was that Patrick was right about me being an amateur. I had dated two guys in the past but I wasn't really intimate with them. The first one only wanted sex. To keep the relationship going and a bit of my dignity, I only allowed him access to my bosom. But soon we ended the relationship. He was not a serious person, just a flirt ready to sneak into anyone's pant. The second guy seemed real at first. He was so cool and I was sure all was going to be well. We were intimate many times but without penetration. We romanced each other, we kissed and even went as far as BJs but that was it. He later confessed that although he liked me, there was someone else in his life whom he truly loved and wanted to make his wife. That was the real reason why he didn't want to penetrate me. He didn't want a situation where I would get pregnant and ruin his perfect relationship with the other girl. I felt so bad and humiliated. Since then, I couldn't bring myself to trust any man. If it wasn't Fiona's wish to marry her husband, I was sure that I would still have been single. However, Patrick was my husband and he was real enough for me. For two nights he had pleasured me greatly and I wanted to do same for him. I needed to get over my phobia and make him happy. I knew I could do it, all I had to do was make up my mind. Besides, I am a fast learner.

We were still kissing, but, at the same time, I was thinking of how to go about pleasing Patrick when a phone rang. We pulled back and discovered it was Patrick's phone ringing. He composed himself and then answered the call. The phone wasn't on speaker, but being very close to him and resting my head on his chest, I could hear the female voice at the other end of the line.

"Hello darling, its Jenny. Where are you?" The female voice asked. At the mention of darling, my brows squeezed into a frown and I looked up at Patrick with questions in my eyes.

"Who the hell is Jenny? And why is she calling you darling?" Patrick saw the questions in my eyes, but he ignored it, and concentrated on the call.

"I'm at the restaurant with my wife, Jenny." He said. At that moment, the frown erased from my forehead and smiles took over my lips. I loved the way he said "I'm at the restaurant with my wife."

"But what about our work?" The female voice queried.

"My men are handling it."

"What men?" She asked, sarcastically. "You mean the ones with two left hands and two left feet? They don't even know a thing about construction. All I have seen them do so far is nonsense."

"My men are the best Jenny. You are just being paranoid over nothing."

"Well darling, this job is exactly what it is, a job. So I don't care if you're with your wife, neither do I care about what you are doing with her right now, just get back here and fix the mess your boys have made."

The line went off. Patrick looked at the phone for a while. His expression told me all was not well.

"Who is she? And why is she being so difficult?"

"That's Jenny Deyor, Stefany's kid sister." Patrick replied.

"So what's her problem? Wasn't it Stefany who gave you the contract?"

"Yes. But they are doing it together. Its a joint venture, and they are going to run the shopping mall together."

"That still doesn't give her the right to talk to you like that."

"I know. But hey! I need to get to work."

"Sure, I nodded. Maybe I'll check on you later?"

"That would be great.

We kissed a little more before Patrick left. A little over five minutes after he was gone, the door opened slightly and Isabel peeked in. Her face was full of mischievous smiles and I instantly knew she was up to no good.

"What do you want Isabel?" I asked, faking a frown. She opened the door wider and stepped in.

"I didn't know you and Mr. Patrick are now getting along so well." She said with a wide grin.

"And who told you we weren't getting along before?" I asked in defence.

"Nobody had to tell anything, we could all see. Common! This is the first time since you've been married to him that he came over to the restaurant to see you without the kids. What's more? He brought flowers! I guess you guys are hitting it hard now."

"Hitting what?" I asked, with raised brows.

"The bed of course. What else would make a man come over to his woman's place of work? And with flowers in hand? You know, I really wondered if he was a novice or a priest. One whole year and you two didn't even roll in the hay. You were a serious nun too boss....."

"Isabel, have you finished attending to our numerous customers?" I asked instead. I just wanted to get her off my case.

"Oh... the customers can wait. This is more important."

"If you don't want a reduction in salary, get back there and make sure our customers are well taken care of." I ordered.


"No buts young lady. Now move it." She squeezed her brows into a playful frown before heading for the door. "Isabel," I quickly called her. She stopped on her tracks and turned to look at me with hope in her eyes, expecting that I would call her back so we could discuss my life. "When you get out there, make sure you don't go about discussing me with everyone. If you do,.."

"I'm fired! I know. Its not like you can do without me." She went out the door and closed it a little harder. I smiled because I knew she felt like slamming it instead. Apart from that, she was right. I couldn't do without her and all my threats were empty. Isabel was very good at gossip but she was also very good at her job. She was one of my best employees and I was not ready to let her go.

Minutes after I was left alone, I planned a scenario for the night. I wanted to surprise Patrick. He had been giving me pleasurable moments and I wanted to do same for him. I planed the scenario so well before going back outside to help Isabel with serving the customers.


I really wanted to check up on Patrick at the construction site, but since it was already too late before we closed, I had to head straight home. However, when I got home that night, the lights were out and there was no sign of life in the house. I turned on the lights and called out Patrick so many times but there was no response. I was really sure that since it was late, Patrick would be home already. I took out my phone and placed a call to him. The phone rang about three times before it was answered.

"Who are you calling my man at this time of the night?" I heard a female voice say over the phone. "Don't you know he's with his woman?"

Those words shook me, and my heart began to race. Different images filled my head. "Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Jenny, Patrick's real woman. Now who are you?"

I was silent for a while but then, I gathered some courage and asked her to put Patrick on the line. I wanted to confirm from him if what she was saying was true.

"Forget it." Jenny said. "I choose who he talks to and who he doesn't talk to." That said, she cut the call on me. I just stared at the phone. The sadness that swept over me was alarming. For a very long time, I didn't trust men and I didn't want to open up to anyone. Suddenly I risked opening up to my best friend's husband and now, it had happened again. The idiot was nothing but a cheat. I trusted him and I thought he was different. What was the guarantee that he hadn't been sleeping around with other women all these time, before we decided to be intimate? I was too disoriented to make dinner or to even eat. I lost my appetite. I simply took a hot bath, locked my room door with the key and went to bed. But I couldn't sleep. Different thoughts filled my mind. I thought of talking to him when he got back but then, I told myself it was useless. I was still in bed when I heard the front door open. I simply turned to face the window and closed my eyes like I was asleep. About an hour later, I heard him trying to open the door. When it didn't open, he called out to me but I didn't answer. Probably buying my pretense sleep, he went away. Seconds later, I heard his room door open and close and I knew that our ugly encounter had only been postponed.

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To be continued.....