My Final Year In The University - By Onuoha Fay Claire

We are going to Umuoji today. Umuoji is my hometown. They're coming for my introduction; Chief Akaego and his people.

Mama and the older women are bubbling with joy, obviously at the good luck I brought into the family. My siblings are, too. Papa is the worst of the lot. He seems to have taken an overdose of smile pills and can't seem to make his lips cover his snuff-stained teeth. Everyone thinks I should be happy too, but I'm not. How can I be when I never loved my future husband? I don't think that what I feel for him will ever culminate to love. The circumstances surrounding our meeting could be described as anything other than appropriate.

We were given a quit notice as the landlord wanted to renovate our hostel. I was overtly affected by the news, mainly because I knew my parents had no extra cash to spare me and evacuation costs will take its toll on my already dilapidated bank account. I seriously needed all the help that I could get at that point in time.

After fruitless efforts to gather money legitimately, I succumbed to seeking help from Big Vee. She was my course mate but highly renown for her runs activities. On many occasions, she had invited me to join their clique so that I could 'step up' but I kept declining. That day, as I told her my predicament over an overpriced plate of rice and chicken, paid for by her of course, she was touched. She promised to help me but told me that I'll do the 'work' myself.

I didn't have to wonder for long, as another girl in the clique explained it to me. Well, not before giving me a scrutinizing look. I had rushed to Big Vee after lectures that day and told her to link me with a good client, as it was my first time.

“That's perfect. I have a client that it's also his first time,” she had said and left hurriedly, promising to call me.

To be continued...

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