RECESSION - Tessy Mordi


You hear recession here and there, from people of all walks of life. Even those that barely know what the word is all about.

They are not looking for ways to fight it, but fold their arms blaming whatsoever or whoever they feel is the cause. But you see, one of the major causes of recession is reduction in consumer confidence.

Do you know what that means? It tells us that each of us have a hand in this problem.

Sometimes certain things will not be aggravated if we don't aid it in the tiniest of ways. People, for fear of how bad the economy might get, lose confidence in it before it ever gets to that phase and then- tarda! It takes a down turn.

Lets watch out and help ourselves. Are you in fear worsening the situation of the country? Telling false tales and working with misinformation? Thus withholding your investment in the economy? It is time to change. Have confidence in Nigeria again and see how we can make this seeming long term recession unable to conquer us.