The Contact - Onuoha Fay Claire

“I'm keeping this baby no matter what.” Jess clutched her tummy as if doing that will protect the foetus within. Giving a long hiss, she stomped out of the hotel.

Melvin stared after her with hate and disgust written all over his face. How did he get himself into this mess? How could he have stooped so low?

Mara, his long time girlfriend had called it quits with him without any explanations. He had tried to reason with her but all his efforts were fruitless. Despondent, he joined the boys for their Friday night hangout.

As expected, he consumed a large quantity of alcohol and in his drunken state, was hooked up with a lady, Jess, for the night. Even as he thrust into her later that night with tears streaming down his face, it was Mara's name that he kept moaning. By morning, the lady and everything about the previous night were gone and forgotten.

He had managed to call Mara back to her senses and just when their relationship was beginning to blossom again, Jess showed up claiming she was pregnant for him. He was so confused; he didn't want to lose Mara again. The only option was to terminate the pregnancy but this lady was hell bent on destroying the remains of his happiness. Well, he wasn't going to let her.

As he opened his phone, he sighed. He had promised never to use the services of this contact anymore, but here he was. He dialed and the call engaged after several rings.
“Meet me at the normal rendezvous. I have a job for you.”