He is dead
I thought he was dead
As it is written
In the sacred ancient book

Bashorun Gaa!
How can he be dead?
How can he be in the grave?
When he is still alive

They told me he died
For over a century ago
How can I believe he is dead?
When I saw him alive

I was told to believe it
They said it is myth
Some said it is just a legendary
But it is all a lie.

I moved to the Alaafin’s palace
To reveal the truth
To challenge his authority
For proclaiming him dead

If he is truly dead
They should show me his tomb
If they truly had him killed
They must show me his blood

“For so it is written
In the sacred ancient book
Written by our forefathers
That witnessed his days.”

‘Oh! Great king
Why the lies?
How can you push your servants into darkness?
While you stay in the light’

“How dare you challenge our king?
He is the second-in-command
To the gods
The great gods of our land

You deserve to be punished
By death sentence
Sentence for in-subordination
Without the king’s mercy

‘Why should the truth be covered?
When all it need is light
Why must you put me in silence?
When I possess the words’

“Let him speak!
He deserves our audience
Let him defend his stand
For us not to shield his blood in vain”

‘Bring me the historians
That keeps the words of our forefathers
Let them come with their sacred books
While I reveal the truth’

“Tell me! Tell us!!
About the Bashorun Gaa you know
And we will tell you,
About the true Gaa”

‘The Bashorun Gaa I know
Is a powerful legislator
Powerful than the king of this Kingdom
And able to impose his will on the King

He is so powerful
That he can enthrone
So is he able to dethrone the King
All, according to his will

He is also rich
Richer than Alaafin
All his wealth he acquired
Through the crookedness of politics

He holds an honorary degree in corruption
Corrupt than cocoa pests
He is so dangerous
That he deserves the post of Iku Baba Yeye.

“All have we found
Written in the sacred ancient book
Of our forefathers
It was written with the ink of their blood”

‘Our fathers were so true
They were truthful only with their ink
And not in blood
Because Bashorun Gaa is still alive”

“Reveal him to us
So that we may have him killed
To make our Father’s words true
In our sacred ancient book

‘Why must we find him?
When he is neither in the grave
Nor in the forest
Not even in the sea or in the air

He is right here!
But you can’t have him killed
Neither can you see him to face
Because he wears a golden mask’

Agele Ayo is a poet and fictional writer. He blogs weekly at Click here to like his facebook page.