TWIN ON A LOVE-LORN - By Agele Ayowole

I don’t just know why she is so obsessed about frustrating my life. At the very beginning I always thought she is a blessing to me, but right now she is nothing but a curse, if I may say. You may not understand who I’m talking about and I’m really ashamed of myself right now. Actually, she is my sister; she is not just a sister to me, my twin sister.

Right from the beginning, we have been sharing things together; we eat together, wear the same clothes, and sleep on the same bed. We just do things as one. Don’t be too confused, we are not conjoined like a Siamese twin, we are having our different bodies, but identical. Ever since we have been doing things together, I have never complained for once, in fact, I love it. But right now, she is so mean to see me hurt, she really want me dead.

She is trying to hijack my boyfriend from me, which is a slap on my face. I can share everything with her but not my husband to be. No, not just Dave. Do I even need to blame her? She is just a spoilt brat right from our mother’s belly, I have warned her several times with no number to caution her, but she won’t listen to me, but will keep pampering her at my own detriment. Excuse me, I have a call…. Thank God, he is the one calling me right now; at least you have seen how much he loves me, just a minute.

“Hello Dave” I beamed as I received the call

“How are you, Rosa darling?” he asked

“I am fine and you?”

“Fine too” he replied “Can we go clubbing tonight?”

“Yes love”

“Love you” he said

“Love you too” I replied before hanging up the call

I think you have seen the chemical bond radiating in our hearts. The chemical bond is not just ordinary that can be tested with litmus paper. This chemical bond is called “Love”.

Actually, I am the first person to meet Dave, at a restaurant and we had a chitty-chat and I fell in-love with him immediately, but don’t get the chance to tell him about my feelings due to the emergency call I received from my office. But I was took by surprise to accidentally saw her and Rosa, kissing; don’t blame him, not just his fault. He surely took me for the wrong person.

* * *

“Dave, do you really love me?” I asked him as we danced slowly in tune with the music

“Yeah, why asking?” he asked stiffly

“I’m just worried” I muttered

“Do you doubt my feelings for you?”

“Not just that Dave, I know you truly love me”

“Why are you worried?” he asked curiously

“I don’t just want us to keep courting Dave, I want us to get married, I truly want you to be my husband and...” I paused “I want to be your beloved wife, Dave” I said, I could feel his firm grip on my body

“Dave!” Rosa yelled from behind, she caught our attention

“What is happening here?” Dave asked in surprise

“Dave, I’m Rosa, don’t mind whatsoever that whore tells you, she is just trying to come in between us.” Rosa, my twin sister said as she moved closer to where we stood.

“Stay back” he yelled “Are you playing me?” he curiously asked

“No Dave, why will I?” tears welled up my eyes. “I am the one that loves you Dave” I said frankly

“Cut the crap!” he yelled “Why don’t you tell me you are twin” he said feeling confused

“I want to but…” I tried to defend my own stand

“It’s never too late for me to back out” he muttered, nodding his head, his eye turns teary “You see, I’m the guilty one here right now”

“Dave, things are not just the way you think…….” Rosa said nimbly

“Hold it” he yelled “I know what to do with you two” he said, holding his head on his palm “I don’t want to see any of you around me anymore….” He said breathing hard “Don’t call me… I don’t know you and I don’t want you…. You hear me?” he threatened as he stormed out of the club angrily

“Dave! Dave!! Dave!!!” we both called out his name loud.


“Mum, things are not like the way you think, Rosa cheated on me, I am the first person to know him…. I am the first person to meet him…. still the first person to fall in love with him. But Rosa is too cunning, she is the one trying to snatch him away from me, Mum” I explained to our mother since she is not aware of the whole situation.

“Never mind her Mum, do you hear her? I never dispute the fact that she is the first person to meet this guy, but he fell in love with me, Mum. I am the first and the only person he ever confessed his love to” Rosa defended her own stand

“He only took you to be me, Rosa… He thought I was you…. He fell in love with me before you….. He thought you were me, he almost confessed his love to me but something came up. Don’t you get it?” I said irritably

“Can you hear her, Mum? That is ridiculous, to me, it is absurdity. Ask her Mum, why Dave addressed her as Rosa, why not Rose. Why did he call you Rosa, answer me!” she yelled

“I never told him my name Rosa…. I never had the opportunity to tell him my name the first time I met him. His love for me is there in his heart and the love is still there. Don’t you understand where I’m getting at?” I tried to explain

“A love that has no name” she mocked “Never mind her mum, she is just assuming here” she accused me wrongly

“I’m not assuming anything here, Mum…. I know it, I feel it Mum, believe it, it is fact, trust me on this” I said, frustrated.

“Liar” she accused angrily

“You are the liar” I shot back

“Shut up!” My Mum thundered, inhaling deeply, almost choke in between her breath “I order you to shut up” I can see the confusion in her eyes

“Why are you doing this to yourselves?” she said, throwing her threatening gaze at us. “You are sisters for God’s sake, twin sister” she said emphatically “You share things together, blood and beauty”

“Mum, I can’t share her with Dave” I chipped in

“And I won’t give up Dave to her, neither will I share him with her” Rosa said angrily.

“I am so ashamed of you right now, you are both fighting over a man, and don’t you just hear yourselves?” she yelled angrily and soberly “why can’t you just marry another man, different men”

“What is the assurance that she won’t snatch that one from me again?” I muttered

“Shut up Rose” she snorted “Just shut up. What have I done wrong to deserve all this humiliation, where have I gone wrong, tell me?” she wept, tears rolls down her beautiful cheeks.

“What do you want us to do Mum” Rosa asked

“I want you to remain one in everything you do” she said soberly

“Not in this situation Mum” I said expecting her to shot back at me

“It’s Okay!” she said as tears welled up her eyes. “I am the one guilty here, I should have agreed with you, but am too blind by love. I’m just too blind, too blind to see that I’m losing my family…. You are my only sister, my friend, my blood, my love” she said angrily, beating her chest with her clenched fist as tears gushed out of her eyes. “I can’t stand it losing you because of him, Rose… I can’t.” she shook her head in pity “Why should Mum lose her precious tears, her happiness all because of my stupidity?” She muttered, feeling guilty as tears flows down her cheeks. “I will let him go…. I will forget everything about him…. You can have him…. I am happy and I will always be happy for you” she smiled as she wiped her tears with her bare hands. “Smile, Mum” she pecked her “It’s over now” she said and turned to her room without another word.

“It is not yet over” I muttered as tears dropped freely out of my eyes. Her words struck me; I became too weak by the venoms of her words

“Rosa” I called her slowly and soberly as I saw her weeping, wet her bed with her tears “I’m sorry…. Truly sorry” I begged “I’m actually the guilty one here, not you” I paused as I sat by her, caressing her hair “I am the blind one and not you” I rubbed her shoulder gently “For sure, he met me before you, but that doesn’t prove his love for me… that doesn’t mean he loves me” I paused “He knows what he want, he confessed his love to you and not me, though we are identical. He knows what he want, he knows your name not mine, I only know him but he loves you, he confessed his love to you Rosa, not me. I know how much you love him, Go and have him Rosa; you truly deserve him, his love and….. not just me”. II’m sorry sister” she said as she draw me into her heart-warming embrace “I’m truly sorry” she whispered soberly.

“It’s okay, I’m happy to have you back… I’m truly happy” I said pating her back gently, as we both wept bitterly.

Agele Ayowole Samuel is an undergraduate in the department of Sociology, at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State. A fiction writer and poet. He blogs weekly at https:// 

His literary works have been featured on several magazines. “The mourners’ weep” his poem was feature in the potter’s yearly magazine in 2014. He has been known for his love for novels of various kinds, ranging from Romance, adventure and Christian novels.