Losing The Fun. - Tessy Mordi

Photo credit: Farraygray.com

      It is so easy to slip into the excitement of getting married soon. So much so that one begins to lose the joy he/she once had as single. On the otherhand, some fear the matrimonial journey so much that they go overboard with the fun youthfulness carries. They claim since it won't last forever then they should do all they can while they can.

      Which category do you belong to? I once knew a girl who got engaged and was looking for a job desperately before she settled down. She suddenly became overly irritated with everything around her. The chores/duties she once did became a drag and living with her parents didn't thrill her anymore. All she began to envision was how she would be free. But you know what? Being  married doesn't rule those things out, rather they advance and take a unique dimension all together.

       A scenerio of the latter condition aforementioned is displayed as well in young girls and boys. They lament that they have lost their friends to marriages. But the real issue is that their friends have decided to place their priorities right. However, these single boys/girls go about defending their misbehaviours of clubbing and flirting with the cliche of "let me catch my fun now before I get trapped in the marriage cage". You can imagine.

        My dear, life is in phases. And each of them are valuable. Do not take any one for granted, neither should you be scared of any, or careless, as the case may be. Enjoy every step because they each carry lessons and fun that makes life worthwhile.

        If you are out there struggling with one phase or fretting the next, let your mind be at ease because God made them all for your enjoyment. When anxiousness comes up as the next phase emerges, be careful to go through the ending period of the present phase so you don't miss the most thrilling part in it. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN ALL OF YOUR LIFE PHASES.