My 2016 In A Few Words

2016 is almost ended. The year started with lots of planning and lots of expectations. I regreted some decisions and I was proud of others.

In this year, I experienced writers block at its peak. I never thought it was possible.

In this year, I did everything possible to repair the damages caused to my skin. Did I succeed? To a large extent, yes.

In this year, my facebook audience, without facebook ad boost, grew from 1000 plus to 3000 plus.

In this year, I wrote 3 complete novellas and many short stories. I revised some old works too.

In this year, I wondered why my posts will gather over a thousand, sometimes over 2 thousand views, and only one or two readers would leave comments. 😕.  Wetin I do una? Your comments keep us writers going. Constructive criticism is good too. Please, 2017 is here, don't be  stingy with your comments. Thanks.

In this year, I got to read Milton Davis' Meji 1& 2, Changa's Safari 1&2. I'm going for volume 3 next. I also read the collection he co-wrote with other authors, Griots. The books exposed me to a kind of writing I have always yearned for, but never knew existed. Although they are fiction stories, I was moved to do some research into our history. What Africa was like in precolonial era. Sweet I tell you. Sweet.

In this year, I decided that paid employment is not for me, as long as Nigerian is concerned. 😛

In this year, I made a lot of friends online and offline. I also had readers whose friendship, support and encouraging words were a total blessing. 😊. You all are so gbasky(too much).

In this year, I worked with the best online team ever (Okadabooks team). 👊 chop knuckles team, you all rock.

In this year, I started a column with MakeADream.NG, one I really have to follow up on in the coming year. Aunty Funmi, thanks for the opportunity.

In this year, I earned more from my freelance writing gigs than I did in the past year.

In this year, I lost a lot of weight and have been finding it difficult to add even a little back. Lol.

In this year, I got exposed to certain cruel realities of life. It made me tougher though. Not everyone smiling with you likes you. A lot of people are out there just to use others.

Most unexpectedly, in this year, I finally fell heads over heels in love with someone I never expected it with. 😄😃 And now I believe that love is truly such a beautiful thing.😊

This year, I drew closer to God and got more understanding of him. No pastor or prophet can help you know God if you're not willing to know him for yourself. And to know him, you must first look within you, not outside.

So yes, my year has been more fruitful than un-fruitful. I especially thank all of you who made the year eventful, happy and worth reviewing.

So how about you? How was the year for you? I really want to know. Let's share our experiences.


  1. Congrats on finding love amidst other goodies that came with the year for you... And yes to more comments!

    1. Thanks Owgee. You're one of those gbaskiest people that made my year.


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