The First Time Tells It All - By Onuoha Fay Claire

“Oh God! How did I get myself into this mess?” She sobbed.

The banging of a door alerted her of someone's exit from her house and she quickly went to fasten the lock. She slid to the floor and broke into fresh tears when she saw what was remaining of her beautiful face. With a broken lower lip, bloodied nose and a broken forehead, she was an awful sight.

The first time he raised his hand on her, he had apologized profusely and played the perfect man for days before she let her guard down again. She had shut her mind to countless warnings that say that once a man raises his hand on you, he'll never stop again. With the way he was acting so saintly and sweetly, she doubted if he could hurt a fly again; until the second time.

It was way worse than the first and paved the way for more beatings in future fall outs. Today however resurrected something in her. She was hyperventilating under the shower where he pulled her and nearly suffocated because he kept pulling her back no matter how hard she tried to get out. She couldn't even recognize herself after that 'episode'.

Who would know her story if she doesn't survive this time around? Perhaps, the media would carry fake news, make assumptions and heap blames on her. The society would blame her for not being submissive. No one would know the story behind her death.

There and then, she swore never to go back to him. Running away from the house would be hard. Nowhere to go. But she knew that despite the odds, the best was yet to come.