Waiting For The Morning by Ayo Oyeku.


Title: Waiting for the Morning

Author: Ayo Oyeku

Lade, a mother of three, returns back to the village to meet her mother-in-law under an uneventful circumstance – her husband had suddenly died under some mysterious circumstances. Fear of the unexpected sets in as the two women meet again; scabs are peeled off old wounds, as the difference in living creates a fine twist. But the truth behind Lade’s husband’s death reveals itself in bits of harsh memories, as the life of Utah, Lade’s little child hangs in the balance. This is an emotional story that revolves around family, unfaithfulness and the results of an incurable disease.

    'The result of the blood test showed that your daughter's death is an aftermath of the HIV/AIDS disease'. As soon as Lade heard these words she perfectly understood why her husband refused her to take him to the hospital'.

    Waiting for the morning is a short story with a simple traditional setting. It tells the woes that befall a young woman whose husband died mysteriously. Her mother-in-law was there for her and even defended her from the false accusations of friends when Lade returned back to the village with her three grandchildren. Little did they know that Lade's husband was unfaithful.

     When a man has eaten the forbidden fruit, he tries to cover it up as best as he can but evil always has a way of advertising itself and God does not let His own suffer unjustly. Lade discovers the truth but she could not let her mother-in-law know.

     Read the few pages of this Ayo Oyeku's book and see how wicked some men can be and yet how courageous a woman can be determined to bear the cross that was unduly meted on her.

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