Lamentations Of A Young Girl - Tessy Mordi


We've known for precisely two years.
All we needed was about two more and then, we'll be together.
But suddenly things took a bend,
My parents insisted.
I was to move far away and live with them.

I left scared, unable to tell,
My beloved would have to bear,
We would have to keep on as things were,
They didn't know and still haven't.
I'll leave it that way till I notice they atleast try to care.

Will it last forever? Will we both still be together?
We are plagued with these and many more questions.
But long before now we have had it already figured.
We were meant to be and so nothing can put a stop to it.
Not my parents and not the distance.

     This is the lament of a young girl forced to change location because her parents had planned for them to move. They never thought to ask her if she had any plans, they had it all planned out and so that was how it was going to be. She, unknown to them, still keeps her love real from a distance and hopes one day there will be no barrier to their love. So parents, before you make your plans, do well to include those it affects. Know what your child thinks and don't assume everything is for their best interest. You may just be an enemy to something they hold dear. It might hurt so much that your sight they can't anymore bear. WATCH OUT!!!