The Last Single Christmas - By Tessy Mordi

The blaring of the car horn came from outside the gate and Silvia knew her parents had arrived. They had travelled out of the country the month before, but to her it seemed like ages. Maybe it was because she was an only child, or the fact that it was the last Christmas as a single she would be spending with them. She couldn't really tell.

Mr and Mrs. Amadi were not just Silvia's parents. They were her best friends. She shared every secret with them. She told them things girls her age wouldn't tell their parents. And no, they didn't criticize her, neither did they give her long lectures. Although they gave advise where necessary, it was done out of love. No scolding.

She became so used to her parents. So much so that when Gregory, her husband to be, proposed marriage to her the year before, she was scared about being away from her parents physically and emotionally. Her parents loved Gregory. But deep down she had this feeling that things would never be the same again.

Perhaps the problem is me. She thought once. I'll never have the full attention of my parents as it has always been and they will never be able to have mine too.

Well, the time was drawing closer with each passing day. And she wanted nothing more than to spend all the time she could with her parents. Their travel the previous month had interrupted that plan. But now that they were back.  She was going to be as close as she could be to them before the final separation.

The blaring of the car horn came one more time before she heard the gate open. She wondered why the gate man always took his time to open the gate. But then waved it off.

'Mummy! daddy!' Silvia called out as a few minutes later, her parents stepped into the house. 'You're welcome back home. How was the trip?'

'Not bad my dear', her dad responded as they hugged each other.

'I'm famished' her mum announced.

'Yes you must be.' Silvia agreed, hugging her. 'Let me get your food', she left them and went to the kitchen.

Some minutes passed  and they were soon seated at the dinning table. Before them was a sumptuous meal of fried rice and chicken, garnished with salad - their favourite food. Silvia smiled from ear to ear as her parents ate and spared no time raining praises on her tasty the meal. She loved the words she heard from their lips, but all the same, it made her remember that she wouldn't be having it like this all the time. She didn't even know what Gregory's best food was, or how he liked it cooked. Her once happy face took on a dark shade.

'Are you alright my dear?' Her mother looked intently at her as she sipped from her glass of juice.

'I guess so', she replied, slowly.

'Come on, talk to us', her dad persuaded.

'Hmmmmm', she sighed. 'Let me spill. I'm scared', She began. 'I don't know how to put exactly how I feel in words. But the thing really is that I've been thinking about this Christmas. You know it is the last one I get to spend with you both as a single. And as much as I am happy to be with Gregory and have him as part of this family, I just feel rather sad that things might change between us, I mean the three of us. That's it'.

As Silvia concluded her little speech, Mrs Amadi immediately got up from her seat and hugged Silvia tightly from where she sat. Before she knew it, she was crying. Wiping her eyes dry with one hand, she spoke'

'My baby, you being married won't change a thing. You are still our daughter and we'll keep loving you more. We love Gregory too as the son we never had'.

'Your mother is right, my dear', her dad spoke from the head of the dining where he sat, watching both of them. 'We love you both dearly and hope you both will love us as dearly too. Your last Christmas as a single should not be depressing. You should strive to be the best so you'll have a good story to tell my grand kids'. They all laughed at his remark. But right then, Silvia felt good again.

After they had all retired for the night, Silvia laid on her bed thinking about everything she and her parents had talked about. She was glad she had gotten her feelings all sorted out. Christmas was just 1week away and now she knew better than to make it uneventful. 'If it was going to be the last Christmas as a single lady, then it was going to be the best'. She thought to herself as she got a book and pen to jot down the ideas flooding into her mind.