Guilt Needs Opening Up - Grey Heart

Unbelievable!!! That's what I'll call this short story. From beginning to end Grey Heart is a funny and yet unbelievable story. But you see, it depicts a truth that explains some real life mental health issues that goes on in our world today.

The story centers on Sarah Ngulale, whose growing up transforms her from a happy jolly kid to a woman eaten up by the guilt of a sin she never committed. Unable to do anything at age 11 as she watched her best friend's father hung from the ceiling of his apartment, she chose to bear the burden of what she saw throughout her life.
Running away from Soweto, the place where she grew up and where Patrick's father died, did not stop the voices in her head, as they had become part of her since the day of the incident. Nobody ever knew what she struggled with, not even Patrick.
 Little things matter in life. We must learn not to live by assumptions and also seek help when we see our lives are taking a turn we are not familiar with. Sarah not only sort to clear herself of the voices in her head by running away, she also chose to amend Patrick's life as a remedy for her own peace of mind. It never worked. GUILT NEEDS OPENING UP, NOT cover UP.
I love the funny references used throughout the story, it did well in softening the reality of the evils that occurred in the lives of the people in the story. Nice work, Ray Anyasi.

Title: Grey Heart

Author: Ray Anyasi

Category: Mystery

Published on: Okadabooks

A childhood experience of Sarah Ngulale haunts her into her old age, it causes her to do things weirdly, is she insane or just guilty?

Get into Sarah Ngulale's world here


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