It's February 2017 - I'm Glad To Be Back

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday and happy new week.

I seriously don't even know how to begin my apologies for the long absence.  First it was the block. Then it was some really disturbing issues, then it was exam. But hey! I'm more than excited to be back here with you all.

Although I dey vex. You pipo de nor ask of me. Only one person managed to ask. Haba! Hope we are not quarreling?

Anyway. It is the season of love and I have been working on something I will start posting today. A series of other stories will follow of course. But this is for the love season. It's titled Zion, Daniel And Me.

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Since this is my first post for the year, I must say 'Happy New Year' to all of you. I pray we accomplish our goals this year and may God grant us life throughout.

Good morning again, and Cheers!