New Blog Series - Stelyka? Stelyka Spew?

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another exciting new week. Hope you had fun and some rest during the weekend?

No, I did not forget to keep you entertained. I was busy preparing something new. We will look at it shortly.

For those who Missed last week's story, Zion, Daniel and Me, see the links to all four chapters below.

What will you do if your ex rents you a boyfriend?:

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While you read that, let us look at that stuff I was busy preparing. See the synopsis below:

Benita is the daughter of the almighty Chief Abasi. She is well to do and runs her business, B. Abasi events management, with her best friend, Helen.
Benita can't find love with any man. As long as she is concerned, all the men she had ever been introduced to or dated are boring opportunist. She didn't think there was any man better and she just wasn't interested in finding out. Well, that was until she met Tobi at the beach one fateful afternoon. He was, at first glance, the complete deal she wanted to see in the man of her dreams....

Tobi is a desperate man looking for ways to save himself and trying very hard not to fall in love. The late mother of his adopted son wouldn't rest until she is sure her son is all that matters to him. During his run from the dreaded evil that befell him, he lost everything he had. Even his friends started to keep their distance, as those around him always ended up dead.

However, a day's outing to the beach brings him in contact with Benita Abasi. He finds her fascinating and a good distraction from all his problems. Her easy way makes him tell her a bit of his challenges and a false reason for his sadness. Sure, he didn't want to scare her away. But he never planned to fall in love, and he did not want to re-live the past.

As the days progressed, more interractions and outings lead him to fall in love once again. Now Stelyka would come for her.

He sets up a lunch date which turns out to be something different from what Benita expected. Will she ever forgive him? Or will she end up owing her life to him

Find out in this new blog series, Stelyka Spew - Midnight Encounters.

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Story starts from tomorrow evening.

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