What Happens When Your Ex Is Your Only Hope?

     'What do you mean the boutique is bankrupt? 'Mandisa Mbatha struggled to keep the panic from her voice. She didn't want the customers in the cozy coffee shop in the Manor view shopping centre to overhear her conversation.
      Mandisa, a young, beautiful and ambitious girl was in big trouble but she wasn't going to watch all of what she had worked for, all of what her late uncle had given her, go down the drain. Yet the only solution to her problem seemed tied to the one person she had tried hard to forget - Themba Dlane.
      A relationship that ended five years ago was going to resurface and the wounds reopen. Themba was a changed man, but it wasn't going to be easy for Mandisa to discover that, even though both of them knew in their hearts that they yearned for each other.
      Every love story has its journey. The road isn't always easy but we must be ready to look past our hurt and need and hope again that things will go right. Our past shouldn't always have to be a drag to our future, rather it should make the journey smoother.
      This book is not only a romance story that can keep your eyes glued to its pages, Anthony Ehler did well to get you wrapped in as many emotions as you can think of. Just read and see.

Title: A Man Worth Knowing

Author: Anthony Ehler.

Category: Romance

Publisher: Nolly Books

Published On: Okadabooks

Five years after starting her business, Mandisa Mbatha finds her fashion boutique facing bankruptcy. Devastated, she has no choice but to approach her ex-boyfriend for help.

Themba Dlane is now a successful investment banker worth millions and has exactly what she needs to save her business – money, and lots of it! Themba agrees to save her business on one condition – that she spends one night with him. The problem is that their relationship ended very badly and the prospect of a night with him – apart from dredging up painful memories – is the last thing on her mind. Now Mandisa must decide if she will put her business or her heart first. Will one night make up for all the past hurt the relationship caused her? Or will an unlikely turn of events reveal the secrets that have kept them apart?

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