With Love From Asaba - by Sharon Abimbola Salu.


       'I'm not feeling this anymore and I think we should go our separate ways'. These were the heartbreaking words that Nene got from Paul, the boyfriend she had been with for five years. He left her for no other person but her own best friend, Bukole. She never saw it coming and it seemed so hard to get over it.
      Nene quickly jumped at the offer from her parents to live with her Uncle in Asaba. The ultimate reason was to find a job there. But on getting to Asaba, she not only met the widespread news of the Aba rapist, she also bumped into a stranger who, despite suspicions surrounding him, ended up taking her through another love journey. They both had a past, but together they were able to overcome.
      I love the suspense in this story. And as it unfolds, you'll be left guessing what next, but will always be surprised at how things turn out. Though Its hard to give your heart again after it has been taken for granted, love is a risk worth taking.
      Love is everywhere and is for everyone. Every painful experience is not without a lesson, but it sure pays to learn the lessons attached and apply it in future experiences.

Title: With Love From Asaba

Author: Sharon Abimbola Salu

Category: Romance

Published On: Okadabooks


Nene Alozie is an unemployed University graduate living in Lagos, Nigeria. After a nasty breakup with her boyfriend of 5 years, she willingly moves from Lagos to Asaba to live with her uncle. Her mission in Asaba is simple: get a job and get over her ex-boyfriend. But, as soon as Nene arrives in Asaba, she quickly discovers that the city, in its own charming way, has many surprises in store for her, and she must decide how far she will go for the sake of love.

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