What Is That Thing That Can Break The Vows That Binds.?


        'Oh please don't play innocent with me. You know what am talking about. I saw the sex tape you did on our wedding day...' There was no escape route for Adjetey. Mensima his newly wedded wife had found the evil act he committed with his ex Phoebe on the same day he was getting married to her. They had just returned from their honeymoon when she stumbled on the revealing tape and had to battle with the harsh reality. Torn between forgiveness and murder, Mensima had to make a hard decision for the man she loved.
      She was unable to tell anyone about it, not even her family. What will you do if you found out that just after you said 'I do', your spouse was tongued tied with someone else and there was a video to prove the act? That she had to be the one to force the truth out of him makes the act even more abominable.
      I believe this story describes a real life situation even if not exactly. Adjetey wasn't able to cover his sins. And to think that he was planning to hide it from his wife forever and go through life as if nothing like that ever happened,  is totally heartless.
      For the one you love, absolute sincerity is the price you must be willing to pay even if your spouse don't directly demand it from you. Say it all, save your integrity, save your happiness and save your marriage.
      Vow that binds is a short piece, that is straightforward and I must say easy to grasp. I've learnt a big marriage lesson that I hope you'll learn too. "When you say 'I do', get ready to go every inch with your partner. Some things you never bargained for may come to test the trust and love you have for them". Marriage is sure a bed of roses, but watch out for hidden thorns.

Title: Vows That Bind

Author: Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa

Category: Fiction

Published On: Okadabooks.com

When a newly wed wife finds out her husband cheats on her on their wedding day, she has a choice to make. Ask for a divorce, pay him back or stick to her vows.

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